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ABB innovation competition attracts more than 100 college students to sign up for

Beijing. Since May 5th, the third session of the university students' innovation competition, which is based on intelligent technology and wisdom, has attracted the attention of more than 100 universities from all over the country. The participants from Chinese mainland 26 provinces and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. The June 20, 2014 ABB competition has attracted the attention of the universities. p>

this competition has set up three conceptual topics closely related to intelligent technology, namely intelligent community and green power, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent power equipment. These three topics cover many popular topics, such as community power supply and consumption, green transportation and travel, smart home, the application of wearable devices, industrial sensors and communication, intelligent robots, the application of intelligent materials in power equipment, so that students of different majors in the field of power and automation have room to play. Contestants can choose one of them to carry out bold ideas and designs on the development prospects of relevant technologies in the future

the judges of this competition are composed of ABB China internal experts, university professors and senior scholars in the field of power and automation. The final defense and award ceremony will be held at the headquarters of ABB (China) Co., Ltd. at the end of August. There are three awards in the competition. The winners will also have the opportunity to practice in ABB and be recommended to abb campus to recruit green channel

Liu Qianjin, head of China Research Institute of ABB group and chief technology officer of ABB (China) Co., Ltd., said: college students are a new force to promote continuous innovation in the field of power and automation. We are glad to see that after three years of efforts, abb college student innovation competition has become a platform for this new force to stimulate inspiration and display innovative works. As a leading enterprise in the field of power and automation technology, abb will provide a broader stage for college students to innovate and train more innovative talents to the society and the whole industry

in 2012, abb held the first college students' innovation competition with the theme of power technology innovation. Finally, 17 groups of players stood out and won 3 awards; In 2013, the second college student innovation competition, which focused on the future of innovation and imagination, extended the scope of competition from Chinese mainland to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. p>

at present, the contestants' registration and work submission of ABB's third college student innovation competition are in progress, and the deadline is July 18, 2014

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