ABB helps China's first domestic luxury cruise shi

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ABB helps China's first domestic luxury cruise ship

ABB will provide integrated solutions for China's first domestic luxury cruise ship, including two sets of Azipod pod full swing propulsion systems. ABB's profound accumulation in cruise technology and strong local capabilities make it a perfect partner for this important milestone in the development of China's shipbuilding industry

the ship is designed with full reference to the needs of the Chinese market and customers. It has a total length of 323m and can carry 5000 passengers. It will be delivered in 2023. According to the data of the industry organization Cruise Lines International Association, the number of passengers in China's cruise market will reach 8-10 million in 2025

this project is an important step towards the construction of luxury cruise ships in China. We believe that the key to success lies in close cooperation with experienced related companies. ABB has unparalleled professional experience in the field of luxury cruise ships. At the same time, it also has strong understanding and operation ability of local projects in China. Therefore, the selection related to steel mainly includes the following points: choosing abb is an inevitable result. Abb is expected to cooperate closely with the shipyard and provide high-quality products and services for China's first luxury cruise ship. Said Chen Gang, general manager of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd

ABB will provide a complete set of solutions for the ship, including two sets of Azipod gearless pod full swing propulsion system, which can rotate 360 degrees, significantly reduce ship vibration, and has proved to save up to 15% of fuel consumption. Azipod's rudder motor is located in the underwater cabin. Since it was launched on the market in 1990, Azipod gearless pod rotary propulsion system has become an environmental benchmark in the field of luxury cruise ships

ABB Azipod pod full swing propulsion system

we are very honored to be a member of the breakthrough project of China's first domestic cruise ship. Tang Weishi, member of the Executive Committee of ABB group and President of industrial automation business department, said that abb has been committed to providing power, digital and intelligent interconnection solutions for the global luxury cruise market. With our strong local experience and mature solutions, We believe it can provide strong support for China's current and future cruise market demand

ABB's complete set of power system solutions include generators, main distribution boards, distribution transformers, and Azipod gearless pod type rotary propulsion system. The system can be integrated with the power station and control system to achieve the highest energy efficiency. Every step of the digital system is very important. The system can realize remote diagnosis and connect to abb ability joint operation center. ABB technology will effectively improve ship performance, significantly improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions

according to the data of cruise yacht branch of China Communications Association, historically, the ship will strongly support China's booming cruise market and compete with the United States in the coming years. With China's huge consumer market potential and the rapid development of domestic shipbuilding industry, the demand for cruise tourism will be higher and higher in the next 10 years. It is foreseeable that China will become one of the world's major cruise tourism countries

with the development of the shipping industry towards new energy and independent operation, ABB's power, digital and intelligent interconnection technology is redefining the future and bringing a higher level of reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions to the shipping industry in China and even the world

the ship will join the fleet of China Shipbuilding Carnival Cruise Line Co., Ltd. jointly built by Carnival company and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSSC)

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