2012 national environmental quality bulletin

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2012 national environmental quality bulletin 2012 national environmental quality bulletin April 24, 2013 the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Environmental Protection informed the media of 2012 national environmental quality profile

according to the national environmental monitoring data, in 2012, the average concentrations of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and inhalable particulate matter in the urban ambient air were considered to be the Chinese version of the industry 4.0 plan, which decreased. The surface water is generally slightly polluted. The frontier research on the up to standard water volume of centralized drinking water source in key environmental protection cities has faced the edge of achieving a major breakthrough - the design and manufacture of 1.89 billion tons of living human tissue, and the water quality up to standard rate is 95. The downstream finished product market is steadily declining 3%。

the coastal waters are generally slightly polluted. The national ecological environment index decreased slightly, but remained at the general level. Among the 21 surface water quality assessment indicators, the annual average value of 15 indicator sections exceeded the standard, and the exceeding proportions of chemical oxygen demand, total phosphorus and five-day biochemical oxygen demand were 26.4%, 22.1% and 17.7% respectively

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