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The new house is going to be decorated. I decided to visit everywhere and learn from my experience. I didn't expect to meet a person with sufficient experience in home life. Some things are very reasonable. Although it took me a few hours, if it wasn't for my busy time, I would definitely talk to him more carefully In order to know well, these experiences are summarized as follows:

first, it is best not to put the bathtub in the bathroom

Second, the switch in the bathroom is best to put it outside

Third, it is best to change the structure less

Fourth, concealed works are very important

there are many others, all of which are talking about the fact that the circuit in the bathroom must go well, and the water heater is easy to leak electricity. Many examples are also given about problems in home decoration, But I think it's a meal to decorate a thousand meters. Therefore, decoration should be cautious, choose a good designer and a good decoration company

in fact, when you choose a decoration company, the first contact is the designer, so wait until you have experience, otherwise it will be counterproductive. The designer's grasp of the design as a whole, such as whether he is as good as you at looking at the renderings, how a designer views the computer renderings, whether he pays attention to the construction proportion or the effect of the renderings, Does it mean that the effect drawing is beautiful and the result is beautiful? Customers can rely on renderings, but designers can't. computers are not omnipotent. The key lies in the human brain

a good decoration company may not be able to do a good job in your design, because this problem has a lot to do with design. People say that words are the voice of the heart. Design is a language that expresses the thoughts and psychology of designers. Therefore, after the quality of the decoration company passes the test, it is necessary to better select designers, which is a more powerful guarantee for your decoration

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