Do not decorate the refrigerator blindly, and the

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According to energy-saving experts, as long as you pay attention to the following power-saving tips, you can effectively reduce the actual power consumption of the refrigerator

first, the refrigerator should be placed in a place with low ambient temperature and good ventilation, away from heat sources and avoid direct sunlight. When placing the refrigerator, appropriate space should be reserved on the left and right sides of the top and the back to facilitate heat dissipation

second, try to reduce the number and time of opening the refrigerator door at ordinary times. Because the refrigerator door is opened once, the compressor needs to run for dozens of minutes to restore the refrigeration temperature

third, wait for the hot food to cool before putting it into the refrigerator. Otherwise, the temperature in the refrigerator will rise rapidly, increasing the frost thickness on the surface of the evaporator, causing the compressor to work longer and increase power consumption

fourth, wash and drain fruits, vegetables and other foods with more water, wrap them in plastic bags and put them into the refrigerator to avoid evaporation and thicken the frost layer

fifth, the refrigerator should store an appropriate amount of food, so as not to affect the air convection in the refrigerator, affect the fresh-keeping effect, and increase the working time of the compressor

sixth, ice cubes and cold drinks should be made in the evening in summer. At night, the temperature is low, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the condenser. At night, the refrigerator is less open to store and store food, and the working time of the compressor is shorter, which is conducive to saving electric energy




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