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A 13 story building under construction in Minhang District of Shanghai suddenly collapsed. According to the pictures of the collapse of the building, the foundation is a tofu dregs project. It seems that basic engineering is very important. Even for small projects such as home decoration, the foundation cannot be ignored. People who have experience in decoration know that the most important part of home decoration is not whether the style is unified, or whether the design is clever, but whether the basic engineering is solid. Because only when the basic engineering is done meticulously can it be guaranteed once and for all in the future. Well, for people who decorate for the first time, home decoration is a very complex process. Wiring, tiling, puttying &hellip& hellip; Every process dazzles them. In a messy construction site, how can we know that the decoration team we hire is trustworthy? Now I'll teach you how to find omissions for the decoration team

omission 1: wires are connected privately

◆ when wiring wires in house decoration, wires are connected randomly

experts remind: to avoid these situations, first of all, hire an experienced electrician. Secondly, when wiring, the plastic sheathed wires or other insulated conductors used should be protected through pipes and cannot be directly buried in the cement or lime plaster layer. Because the conductor directly buried in the wall is dead in the wall and cannot be pulled out or pulled out. Once a certain section of the line is damaged and needs to be replaced, the wall can only be chiseled and rewired. When changing the line, there can be no joint in the middle, because the joint is directly buried in the wall. With the passage of time, the insulating tape at the joint will age, and long-term embedding in the wall will cause electric leakage. Therefore, do not violate the specifications and connect wires randomly to avoid potential accidents such as leakage

omission 2: the wall and floor tiles are not jointed, and the heating pipe orifice is not protected

◆ the wall and floor tiles are not jointed, resulting in excessive gaps between the floor tiles and the corners. Another situation is that the wall tiles fail to press the floor tiles, resulting in gaps at the junction of the wall and floor tiles. These conditions are caused by the poor construction quality during the construction process

experts remind: the gap between the wall and floor tiles is too large, which is a common problem in home decoration. Although this situation can be repaired later, it will cause unsightly joints of wall and floor tiles

◆ the nozzle of the heating pipe was completely exposed without corresponding protection before heating

experts remind: there are many materials on the construction site, and the nozzle of the heating pipe is not protected. Once a heavy object touches the nozzle of the heating pipe, it is likely to cause deformation of the nozzle, and water leakage occurs after the heating is installed, affecting the floor

omission 3: Jerry built

◆ insufficient length was not left when installing the TV cable. The materials of the pass are replaced by crushed materials. A series of Jerry built practices such as tiling without pointing




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