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In the Internet era, consumers' voice is rising, and the competition in the wardrobe market is becoming increasingly fierce, so the management of wardrobe word-of-mouth is more important. Marketing means is an essential factor for enterprises to improve sales. With the great changes in the brand communication environment, word-of-mouth marketing and regional marketing of wardrobe enterprises are imperative. How do wardrobe terminals do marketing? 2017 overall wardrobe brand Deville

magic weapon to win in the Internet Era: word of mouth marketing

the emergence and development of mobile Internet has made social media an online platform for people to share opinions, information, ideas and establish relationships with each other. Brand users appear in groups on social media. Consumers pay more attention to the perceived impression of the brand and the perceived quality of products when shopping online, which is crucial to the impact of information on social media. The deeper consumers' understanding of the wardrobe brand, the greater the influence of the wardrobe brand, and the greater the gain of the asset value of the wardrobe brand. In a sense, users of every product or brand in the Internet era exist on social media. Even if a user is silent, his family, friends, colleagues, etc. will also affect him on social media. Therefore, in the era of mobile Internet, wardrobe enterprises need to pay attention to word-of-mouth marketing. Only in this way can they win the final victory in the fierce market competition

to drive the national regional marketing by region needs to be refined

an enterprise can realize the national territory in the future only if it makes achievements in a certain region first, so regional marketing is particularly important. Only by doing a good job in regional management, can wardrobe brands do a good job in national marketing. The wardrobe brand should first conduct a detailed investigation on the living habits and aesthetics of consumers in the area to be maintained, and adapt to the needs of regional consumers through the reform of product details. Think about it, we often find that some brands only make a small design adjustment to compare a large number of brands. Southerners have the living habits of southerners, while northerners have the customs of northerners. The West has the customs of the west, and the East has the habits of the East. Therefore, since the regions need to be refined, for example, if you want to do the regional marketing of the customized overall wardrobe brand in the west, you must note that there are many ethnic minorities in Western China. Then when redesigning, we must pay attention to the aesthetic requirements of different nationalities

in the new century, the Internet is in a state of popularization. Under the information mode, a new market form will appear in front of us, and the reshuffle of the household industry has gradually become a foregone conclusion. As a wardrobe enterprise closely related to the household industry, in order to survive and develop in the increasingly hot market, we must grasp the key points of marketing to win the competitive market

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