Four points of choosing healthy furniture

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Four points for choosing healthy furniture

1 The style design of furniture conforms to the ergonomic design

a set of really healthy furniture should be as attentive and comprehensive as a servant, which not only requires that the height of furniture tables and chairs and the size of sofa must conform to the use scale of human body, but also requires that it highlight the careful consideration of functionality in details. For example, there is a place for storing notes and pens on the sofa and bedside table, so that users can enter the working state with a stretch of their hands; For another example, the height of the sofa seat is designed to be an adult's calf plus the height of the heel of the shoe or a slightly lower height, etc., which will maximize the health of consumers from all aspects

2. Furniture must have high safety to protect the health of family members

families with children usually pay more attention to the safety of furniture, such as not allowing furniture to have sharp corners, concealing electrical devices such as sockets, etc. In fact, the safety of furniture should be paid attention to by all families, because it is not only related to the health of families, but also related to consumer disputes

furniture with high safety should pay attention to some detailed design, such as the tightness of the door of the wardrobe and the depth of the interior, the load-bearing of tables and chairs, etc. as long as attention is paid to details, we can really get a satisfactory life

3. Furniture should form an overall style, and the colors used will not hurt your eyesight

whether the style of home furnishing can be unified has a great impact on the mood of residents. The overall unified style can make the people living in it feel like spring breeze and feel comfortable. On the contrary, the disordered home furnishing style, no matter how high-end products are used, cannot bring people a happy mood. At the same time, a healthy home also has high requirements for color, because color has a certain guiding effect on people's psychology, especially the psychological growth of children. Therefore, we should carefully choose the hue of home decoration. For example, some bright colors that stimulate vision cannot appear as the main hue of home decoration

4. The materials used in furniture are natural and do not produce substances harmful to human body. The choice of materials is the biggest factor determining the health of furniture. Healthy products must use environmentally friendly wood, and the formaldehyde content of products is strictly controlled below the national testing standards, without irritating odor. The paint should be lead-free, non-toxic and non irritating, which meets the international green standards




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