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The wardrobe is indispensable in our bedroom, and it plays a very important role in our life. It can not only store clothes, but also decorate the appearance. In fact, with the wardrobe, our home bedroom can be kept clean and tidy, so our mood will change accordingly. The following Xiaobian will introduce to you the design style of the bedroom wardrobe and what door to use in the bedroom wardrobe

design style of bedroom wardrobe

1. There are many wardrobe style designs in the market now, and there are also many different choices in style, such as wood grain natural wind. The appearance of this wardrobe is fresh and beautiful, and the wood grain color is natural and clean, revealing a small and fresh mood. It is the favorite of the fashionable petty bourgeoisie. The lines of the whole set of products are clean and tidy, without too much decoration. The arc top line of simplified design is natural and exquisite. The exposed drawer on the bottom floor adds classical elegance and interest, reflecting a relaxed and pleasant attitude to life in modern cities. With wood grain board as the main design and color, the texture is rich, and the coffee lattice leather pattern is matched with it. The tone is harmonious and unified, thick and calm without losing personality. Make full use of the space above the door to design an integrated top cabinet, which effectively increases the storage capacity of the bedroom

2. The leather pattern of the bedroom wardrobe design is light and luxurious. This style will be relatively close to modern fashion in design, which also adds a simple and modern design style and discards all cumbersome modeling. The whole matching combination of the same color furniture creates a harmonious, comfortable, elegant and generous home environment. The soft bag makes your bedroom space more soft and gives people a warm and comfortable feeling. The integration of the wall and the cabinet has a stronger sense of picture, the door shape is simple and generous, the leather is exquisite and luxurious, and the narrow frame design is more suitable for the proportion of small-size wardrobe, which is harmonious and elegant as a whole. The circular arc open cabinet adds more sense of design, avoids depression, and is both beautiful and practical

what kind of door is good for the bedroom wardrobe

1. Generally speaking, the design of our bedroom wardrobe door can use materials consistent with the cabinet body, and then a full-length mirror can be installed on the outside or inside of the wardrobe door, which can be very convenient for us to sort out our appearance table. And it will not cause storage problems for the wardrobe. If the mirror is installed outside the wardrobe, you should pay attention to the location of the wardrobe. If it is not properly placed, it will cause reflection and affect sleep

2. Of course, this is not the only design of the wardrobe door. You can also choose to use the closed wooden material door consistent with the cabinet, which will be more privacy and give you a sense of security. If you choose glass doors to design wardrobe doors, on the contrary, there is no privacy, but it looks like a fully open one. Therefore, the transparency of glass doors makes it inconvenient to put private things in the wardrobe, but it can increase the sense of space in the room

summary: here is the relevant information about the design style of the bedroom wardrobe and the good door for the bedroom wardrobe. I hope these will be helpful to you. If there is still something you don't understand, you can pay attention to more content. If you want to know more about this, please continue to pay attention to our website




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