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Yaopi ultra white float glass successfully achieved mass production

according to Shanghai yaopi Glass Group Co., Ltd., the company has successfully mass produced ultra white float glass for Construction recently, which will enable yaopi glass to obtain higher profits in the field of float glass and building processing

ultra white float glass is a new type of high-grade glass with high quality and multi-function. Its light transmittance can reach more than 91.5%. It is crystal clear, high-grade and elegant. It is known as the "crystal Prince" of the glass family. At the same time, it also has all the deep processability of high-quality float glass. Its unparalleled superior quality and product performance make ultra white glass have broad application space and bright market prospects. Due to the high technological content of ultra white glass, the production difficulty is higher than that of other glass products. At present, only a few enterprises master the production technology of ultra white glass

3D models with high intensity and accurate precision can be produced through laser 3D printing technology.

it is reported that the ultra white glass produced by yaopi glass has outstanding leading advantages in terms of color, appearance, physical and chemical properties and safety of steel structure buildings, which first attracted attention from all parties as a concept of green buildings. Compared with other ultra white glass in the market, the ultra white glass of yaopi glass is more transparent. Therefore, yaopi ultra white floating glass has more advantages in the appearance and color application of high-end building glass curtain walls. In addition, the thickness uniformity, flatness, optical deformation, defect density and section defects of yaopi ultra white glass are superior to the quality requirements of national top-grade products, and have more advantages in stable storage durability and mildew resistance. It is understood that the company will further develop mm sheet ultra white float glass, which is mainly used in the field of furniture, household appliances and special equipment, and become the only manufacturer of such glass products in China

the company said that despite the continuous downturn in the float glass market, the float glass industry has also become a heavy disaster area with overcapacity. However, graphene is a derivative of graphite (usually used in pencils and dry lubricants) to help the company's shareholder, the international glass giant Pilkington group, with good strategic cooperation and advanced technology for a long time. Yaopi glass continues to develop products with high added value and high technology content. At present, The company's ultra white float glass is in the leading position in China in terms of quality and performance. In the future, the company will focus more on the R & D and manufacturing of high-performance, green energy-saving, safe and environmentally friendly and renewable energy products, and unremittingly promote industrial upgrading

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