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Guide to the battlefield of the medium configuration of the collapse 3

guide to the battlefield of the medium configuration of the collapse 3 - Guo Shen Ling of the sub shadow deep machinery team

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guide to the battlefield of the medium configuration of the collapse 3 - Guo Shen Ling of the sub shadow deep machinery team

this week, I remembered that the three bosses in the battlefield were Hei Jilin, Benares and annihilation Shen Ling. Here is the Chinese configuration method of annihilation Shen Ling, The Chinese matching method only requires a small amount of egg pool installation, and most other equipment is map installation. Micro krypton and monthly card players can refer to it

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annihilation of Shen Ling

Shadow Dance (SS) (captain): blade of nothingness + Xiao Yun Hong/Schrodinger up + Planck middle + arrogant down

dimension: any equipment

deep red (s): high attack sword + Heiji up and middle + Attila/arrogant down

configuration analysis

the key to Shen Ling lies in how to break the shield quickly, Crimson with high shield breaking ability is an excellent choice, and Heiji's amazing shield breaking ability is also the best choice to deal with Shen Ling's previous e-commerce projects in China's No. 5 mine. The nothingness blade carried by shadow dance can create a range of time and space, and can reduce the speed of soul sinking shield

play process

shadow dance must ensure that the system warms up for more than 20 minutes + sweeps after Shen Ling's appearance. When the dimension comes out, Shen Ling will be locked and connected to the crimson QTE. The dimension before the crimson QTE should be as close to Shen Ling as possible to ensure that Ji Lin's black will not be empty. If the damage is high enough, you can directly break the Shen spirit's shield, make two general attacks or accumulate strength once, and then cut the shadow dance back to stab the Shen spirit and branch out. Wait until the boss shield is restored and the dimension comes out. After the CD is ready, cycle the above process until all the Shen spirits are killed


1 The dark red QTE has a paralyzing effect. After releasing and breaking the shield, you should perform the shadow cutting dance as soon as possible, and perform an explosive output through the shadowless blade

2. The dark red QTE can trigger the black effect once every two rounds. Note that

3 When spirit sinking uses soul singing, you can directly make control easier without caring about the awakened dead. Breaking the shield can forcibly interrupt soul singing and return the awakened dead to their soul state

At stage P2 of level

, there will be three dead souls. At this time, you should immediately rely on Crimson QTE and Shadow Dance nothingness to take the initiative to kill one, otherwise it will be very dangerous under the attack of three columns

5. In P3, you don't have to pay attention to any younger brother and stare at the output of Shen Ling. At this time, there are few Shen Ling skin brittle shields. Moreover, after Shen Ling breaks the shield, all younger brothers will die directly

reference score: 2.8~2.9w

finally, I wish you a happy game ~

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