Basic technology of the hottest glass tempering fu

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Basic process of glass tempering furnace

1 The change of ambient temperature directly affects the tempering and cooling effect of tempered glass. The lower the ambient temperature, the lower the air pressure required for tempering and cooling, and the shorter the blowing time

2. The heating time of the glass with holes and grooves is 2.5% ~ 5% longer than that of the glass of the same specification

3. The heating time of glass with an angle of less than 30 ° is 2.5% ~ 5% less than that of ordinary glass. It has a 70 l material tank and a mixing head for liquid lay down resin infiltration process. When placing the glass, the sharp corners should be placed behind, which determines the different waste products of the used sensors. On this basis, the glass can be used to prevent the corner from absorbing heat too quickly and causing bending

4. When the embossed glass is placed, the uneven surface is generally upward. In order to avoid ripple caused by too long heating time, the uneven surface is sometimes downward. The heating time should be determined according to the thickest place of the glass, and the blowing pressure is the same

5. When the ordinary sunlight film glass is placed, in order to protect the film surface, the coating surface should face upward, and the heating time should be appropriately reduced compared with the ordinary glass of the same thickness

w-e glass shall be placed to protect the film surface, the coating surface shall be upward, the heating time shall be appropriately increased compared with ordinary glass of the same thickness, and S02 gas shall not be used

7. When the glazed glass is placed, the glass must be dried before tempering. The glass may be bent, which can be solved by adjusting the wind pressure balance. S02 gas cannot be used. The heating time has a certain relationship with the glaze color

8. When the bent steel glass is discharged from the furnace, the positioning valve pops up. After the glass contacts with the positioning valve, the roller table moves forward about 50mm to correct the possible deviation of the glass

almost all domestic personnel engaged in mechanical research have transferred from materials, mechanical design, physics and other related majors 9 When there is no glass in the bent steel grille, the air release valve is open and the air release valve in the bent section is closed. After the glass is discharged from the furnace and arcing, after the set blowing delay time, the air release valve in the bent section is opened and closed at the same time

10. The temperature of tempered glass is adjusted by changing the furnace temperature and heating time

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