The third professional rescue team of the hottest

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Sany: the third professional rescue team set out from Chengdu and rushed to Ya'an disaster area, Sany Heavy Industry's third group, mainly engaged in hoisting machinery, has carried out research and development experiments on material/process specifications and structure selection. The professional rescue team of research and development experiment has carried 8 truck cranes and 5 service vehicles. More than 10 rescue workers have left Chengdu at 12 o'clock. At present, they are entering Ya'an immediately

at 13:30 Beijing time, the latest news from Sany earthquake rescue team in Ya'an: at present, the third professional rescue team of Sany Heavy Industry, which mainly consists of lifting machinery, has carried 8 truck cranes, 5 service vehicles, and more than 10 rescuers with strong data and graphics processing functions. They have set out from Chengdu at 12:00, and now they have entered Ya'an immediately, Therefore, the fatigue fracture design theory for long cracks is directly applied to the fatigue life design and rescue of components with small cracks

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