Batch delivery of Hunan Lvjing regulation mixer tr

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With the COVID-19 gradually under control, all localities have begun to resume work and production. A number of major infrastructure projects in Hunan have been launched, and the equipment demand is otherwise damaged It's like a gushing well

in order to ensure that the normal operation of customers will not be affected during the epidemic period, Reza heavy machinery quickly responds to the market demand and takes action to strengthen the service and promote the service pace of national distribution agents

the paint contains a lot of VOC (volatile organic compounds)

it is spring in March. LESA heavy machinery Hunan Lvjing multi batch regulations mixer truck, pump truck, crane, Auman heavy truck and other equipment orders have been delivered in batches

in the modern plant area of huanqiao, Hunan, the latest batch of 20 mixing trucks with regulations were officially delivered. The majestic Reza regulation mixer truck, which is lined up in a row, has become a beautiful scenic spot in the mixing station. Affected by the epidemic, in order to ensure the safety of the handover between the two parties, the handover ceremony simplified the handover process and reduced the scale of the ceremony

as a strategic partner of Reza, which can handle 5 tons of stolen goods in 2 hours, Hunan huanqiao has made many purchases in the past year. President Zhang, chairman of Hunan huanqiao, said that Futian mixer is a big brand, legal vehicle, good quality and good service. We will continue to trust and support Hunan Lvjing without reservation and choose Hunan Lvjing

what is simplified is the process, and what is unchanged is the service; Delivery is only the beginning, and service has no end

we are grateful for the trust and support of our customers and friends. Your trust is an inexhaustible driving force for us to move forward. Reza Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. will keep the original intention, continue to uphold the integrity, professional, responsible and efficient work style, and help our customers create greater value

when you arrive at the river and the sea, you will meet the country and the people in peace. Our trapezoidal lead screws work hand in hand to create the next brilliance for national construction

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