Basic technical measures for fire prevention

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Basic technical measures to prevent fire

1. eliminate ignition source. The study and analysis of combustion conditions tell us the fact that the basic principle of fire prevention should be based on the elimination of fire sources. We know that no matter in their own homes or offices or in production, in short, in every place, people are often surrounded by various more or less combustible substances, which exist in the air essential to people's life. That is to say, two of the above three basic conditions for fire are met. The conclusion is simple: eliminate the fire source. Only in this way can the basic requirements for preventing fire and explosion be met in most cases. We say that fire cause investigation is actually to find out what kind of ignition source caused the fire

there are many measures to eliminate ignition sources, such as installing explosion-proof lamps, prohibiting fireworks, grounding lightning protection, isolation and temperature control

2. mold steel manufacturing with combustible standard controlled. Fire can be prevented by preventing any of the three basic conditions from burning (such as eliminating the fire source). If two combustion conditions are eliminated, it will be more safe and reliable. For example, in the fire prevention regulations of carbide warehouse, various relevant measures are usually taken to prevent fire sources and the generation of combustible acetylene

the measures to control combustibles mainly include: under the possible conditions of life and production, replace combustibles with non combustible materials, such as building houses with cement instead of wood; Reduce the concentration of combustible substances (combustible gas, steam and dust) in the air, such as comprehensive ventilation or local exhaust in the workshop or warehouse, so that the combustible is not easy to accumulate and will not exceed the maximum allowable concentration; Prevent the running, friction and wear of combustible substances to ensure that their products have an impact on the hair; The articles that can produce combustible gas or vapor through interaction shall be isolated and stored separately. For example, calcium carbide will interact with water to produce acetylene gas, so moisture-proof measures must be taken to prohibit tap water pipes and hot water pipes from passing through calcium carbide warehouse

3. isolate air. If necessary, the production can be carried out under vacuum conditions, and the equipment container shall be filled with inert medium for protection. For example, after water is fed into the calcium carbide acetylene generator, the inert medium nitrogen shall be used for purging; The fuel container shall be replaced with inert medium before repair welding (hot work). Combustibles can also be stored in isolation from the air, such as sodium in kerosene, phosphorus in water, carbon disulfide in water, etc.

4. prevent the formation of new combustion conditions and prevent the expansion of fire scope. Set up a fire arresting device for Liaoning Province to implement the direct reporting system for the important situation of the provincial epidemic prevention and control metrological verification. For example, set a water seal flashback preventer on the acetylene generator, or set a flame arrestor between the cutting torch and the rubber tube during underwater gas cutting. Once flashback occurs, it can prevent the flame from entering the acetylene tank or spreading in the pipeline; Fire walls shall be built in workshops or warehouses, or fire separation shall be reserved between buildings. In case of fire, new combustion conditions shall not be formed, so as to prevent the expansion of fire scope

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