The world's LCD TV shipments reached 53.1 million

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In the third quarter, the global LCD TV shipments reached 53.1 million units

the latest report shows that the global LCD TV shipments in the third quarter of this year reached 2. Metal stretching, tightening, twists and turns and change experiments: to 53.1 million units, although due to the popularity of the traditional peak season, the month on month growth was 8. 3%, but slightly declined year-on-year 1. 8%。 As the European and emerging market economies are still at a low ebb, coupled with the slowdown of the overall economic development of the mainland, this year's Mid Autumn Festival and national day sales on the mainland have been affected, showing an annual recession for the first time, indicating that the market demand for LCD TVs is still weak

witsview said that the global LCD TV shipments in the fourth quarter were led by the demand of the double 11 in the mainland and Christmas in Europe and the United States. The shipment scale was estimated to reach 62.2 million units, with a quarter growth of 17. 1%, but I'm afraid it will still decline 7 year-on-year. 5%。 WitsView predicts that LCD TV shipments in 2015 will be 2% lower than the original estimate. 200million sets were repaired down to 2. 1.6 billion units, with an annual growth rate of 1. 74% down to -0. 1%. The annual shipment of LCD TV in 2015 is likely to show a negative growth in 2013 again

Korean brand Samsung Electronics continued to top the list, with LCD TV shipments reaching 10.9 million units in the third quarter, with a quarterly increase of about 3. 8%。 LG Electronics suffered from the continuous impact of exchange rate fluctuations in emerging markets. Its shipments this quarter were not as expected, reaching only 6.6 million units, with a quarterly decline of about 7%, and its market share was 14% from the previous quarter. 5% fell to 12 this quarter. 4%。

analysis of the development trend of the plastic film blowing machine industry of continental brands TCL has made use of the following at present in the last quarter: shipment was blocked by channel inventory. In order to achieve the annual shipment target, in the third quarter, grasp the holiday demand and greatly increase the shipment figure. The overall LCD TV shipment was 3.66 million units, with a quarterly increase of 31. 4%, surpassing Hisense and climbing to the third place. Hisense, on the other hand, saw a steady growth of 4% in a single quarter under the influence of the holiday to boost buying. 4%, with a shipment of 3.34 million units

Sony, a Japanese brand, delivered 2.73 million units in the third quarter, ranking fifth. On the premise that its product strategy continued to position high-end and large-size models for profit, its quarterly shipments increased by 3. 8%。 However, there was still a sharp year-on-year decline of 26. 2%。

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