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Application of safety measures control table for Substation Switching Operation

the safety measures control table used gives specific requirements and suggestions on how to compile and implement the safety measures control table for substation switching operation. For the switching operation of maintenance, reconstruction and expansion, the guidance for the installation of on-site safety barriers is given

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switching operation of substation is one of the most important daily work of substation operators. From the acceptance of the operation task to the end of the whole operation process, many details are involved. A little carelessness will lead to a big mistake. In the light, it will cause equipment damage and external power failure, in the heavy, it will make the electricity oscillate or even collapse, resulting in a large area of power failure, and in the serious case, it will endanger the life safety of the operators. If the switching operation is carried out in cooperation with the maintenance, expansion, reconstruction and other work, the operators should also set up safety barriers for the maintenance and construction personnel to ensure the personal safety of the maintenance and construction personnel at work. Therefore, all competent units have always attached great importance to the safety control of substation switching operation, and formulated various effective safety control measures, including necessary sample preparation, preparation and sampling methods

1 basic requirements that the safety control measures for substation switching operation should meet

(1) the safety control measures for substation switching operation must reflect the spirit related to switching operation in the

safety work procedures for electric power industry

(2) it should be a tool to help the substation attendant clarify the operation ideas and effectively control the site, rather than increasing the workload of the attendant and becoming an additional burden for the attendant

(3) for large and complex switching operation tasks, it is necessary to truthfully

reflect the correct operation sequence of shutdown and power transmission, so as to prevent a large number of operation tickets from being invalidated due to the temporary change of operation sequence by the dispatching unit, and being forced to re issue invoices to delay the operation time of shutdown and power transmission

(4) it must reflect the analysis and control measures of potential risk factors

in the operation process

(5) it must correctly reflect the on and off positions of relay protection

and automatic device pressing plate and relevant switching handle involved in the operation, so as to prevent accidents caused by missing and mistakenly putting on the pressing plate and mistakenly stopping the switch in the protection transmission in 2011

(6) the control measures for the "five

prevention" lock and unlocking key that need to be unlocked must be correctly reflected. On the one hand, the misoperation accident during power transmission caused by the operator's neglect of inspection due to the maintenance personnel's operation and change of safety measures can be prevented, and on the other hand, the unnecessary trouble caused by the wrong lock head due to the management confusion after unlocking can be prevented

(7) it must correctly reflect the temporary grounding wire and the grounding isolation through the hydraulic strength test (2) check whether the digital circuit voltage is +5v off

installation location, group number, number, installation personnel and removal personnel, so as to prevent the vicious misoperation accident of power transmission with grounding wire (or grounding isolation switch) caused by missing removal of temporary grounding wire and missing pulling of grounding isolation switch

(8) in case of

switching operation in coordination with maintenance, expansion, reconstruction and other work, the control measures should also correctly and intuitively reflect the fully enclosed safety channels and on-site safety measures made by the operators, so as to ensure the life safety of maintenance and construction personnel

(9) there must be an accident handling plan after the change of operation mode,

to ensure that the operators deal with the accident in the same day mode and do not fight unprepared battles

from the above requirements, it can be seen that this is a systematic project, and no negligence is allowed. After years of exploration, the substation area of Datong power supply branch has formed a set of practical and feasible control methods of safety measures for Substation Switching Operation on the basis of continuous innovation and experience summary. The "control table of safety measures for Substation Switching Operation" (hereinafter referred to as "control table") has been compiled and correctly implemented. The format of the control table is shown in Table 1

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