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Application of UGS PLM solution in injection mold industry

Dongjiang Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was founded in Hong Kong in 1983. After more than 20 years of efforts, it has become a professional manufacturer of injection mold, plastic products and semiconductor equipment with considerable scale, industry-leading and advanced equipment. In the plastic injection mold manufacturing industry, we have always been in a leading position in technology. Our expertise in mold manufacturing is reflected in the following aspects: gas assisted injection mold production, high-quality mold with European and American standards, and mold and precision mold production of 450-2000 tons of mold locking injection molding machine. In order to maintain the leading position in the industry, in addition to continuously increasing investment in hardware, the company has never forgotten to introduce and increase advanced design and manufacturing software. At present, we have more than 100 sets of advanced Unigraphics NX design software, which realizes the integration of injection mold design and manufacturing (cadcammoldwizard). It effectively improves the efficiency of mold design, improves the quality of mold production, and establishes a good industry image for the company

in the past few years, we have made many discussions and studies in mold life research, mold steel research, high-speed NC machining, EDM efficiency improvement, gas assisted injection molding, mold cad/cam/cae development and so on, and have formed a theoretical report. Practice has proved that Unigraphics NX, as a PLM 3D product launched by UGS company in the field of mechanical design and manufacturing, provides users with a series of integrated product development functions. It covers advanced concepts such as fostering innovation, knowledge acquisition, standardization process, improving design and production efficiency and collaborative work, which are embodied in the practical application of the injection mold industry, that is, product 3D modeling, mold 3D design, mold design navigation, mold performance analysis, and mold NC processing. Users can also complete all this in a fully integrated and coordinated environment. Here are some experience and experience of our company's successful application of Unigraphics NX software:

I Knowledge sharing platform

our company has a technology development department, which is responsible for technology development, promotion and application, technology standardization, technology maintenance and support, technical information acquisition and sharing, etc. The formulation and maintenance of enterprise technical standards is a long-term and meticulous work. In actual operation, there will be problems of reviewing the rationality of some details of the standards and supplementing and perfecting the standards. We are required to actively deal with the technical problems in the process of standard implementation, and review, improve and perfect the established standards. How to better promote and apply our enterprise standards? This involves the sharing of standard files to ensure that the standard files are updated in time, so that the users can always master the latest enterprise technical information. Unigraphics NX provides us with such a knowledge sharing platform, so that we can easily share the technical standard knowledge:

we embed the standardization knowledge under the InternetExplorer of Unigraphics NX software, The achievements of standardization work, such as design standard data, Dongjiang enterprise standards, specification requirements and typical cases marked on engineering drawings, and reference mold drawings of injection mold structure, are made into knowledge sharing for designers to apply, so as to improve the utilization rate of standardization achievements and provide an interactive platform for the implementation, follow-up and implementation of standardization

with such a platform, the operator can work in the application software without window switching, and can query relevant technical knowledge as needed at any time, such as retrieving mold design data, finding mold embryo data, and querying enterprise technical standards. While effectively ensuring the promotion of enterprise technical standards, it greatly simplifies everyone's work and improves work efficiency

II. Application of nx/mold wizard

unigraphics the most prominent application of NX in the injection mold industry is the development of nx/mold wizard Injection Mold Design Wizard tool. This module uses process guide technology to optimize the design process of injection mold, which is far more than the productivity improvement level that general CAD software can bring. It provides a structured mold design workflow with expert experience, automated advanced parting tools, standard mold base library and standard mold accessories library. Through step-by-step process guidance, it leads the designer through the whole process of mold design, effectively improving the efficiency of the whole mold design process. For nx/moldwizard, the most outstanding advantages of the wizard software are that it can fully combine the UG operation habits and technical requirements of designers from various mold companies, and has a friendly interface and affinity

we have basically achieved the strategic goal of cad/cam/cae integration in 2000, and adopted the three-dimensional design software Unigraphics NX. Through several years of continuous exploration and experience summary, finally, the focus of our thinking is: how to complete all kinds of mold design work from complex to simple, reduce the workload of designers and shorten the running time of UG software in a shorter and shorter mold development cycle? Based on this thinking, long before Moldwizard launched the standard mold base library of Longji company, we thought of establishing a standard mold base from the point of eliminating repetitive work, so that every time we do mold design, we only need to call the built mold base from the mold base. Moreover, when the mold design is changed, all the mold modification and regeneration can be completed at one time only by modifying its relevant parameters. Based on this assumption, we developed the company's own standard mold with reference to the standard of Longji mold, lifted off 270 feet with two tugboats and returned to the hangar, and made use of the Moldwizard's fully open library development environment, all concentrated and integrated into the Moldwizard mold library, which greatly facilitated the design work of designers and improved the design efficiency

however, with the development of the market, the company focuses on the development of large and extra large molds Most of these mold germs are non-standard mold germs. In the current UG software system, only small standard templates can be called. Dongjiang has no choice when designing such large molds. The designer still has to return to the original design state, which wastes a lot of time and virtually increases the cost. In addition, with the increasingly fierce market competition, many of our customers have not completely finalized most of their products when placing orders, which will lead to continuous changes in their design schemes in the process of our mold design, and often make us modify the mold embryo. In the past, our model type did not have switching function, which posed some new challenges for designers to achieve a total output value of 5billion yuan in 2025

in order to make our design more efficient and "flexible", we decided to develop non-standard mold and make it automatically switch with the standard mold. We fully summarized the development principle of the existing standard template library, and on this basis, further unified the standard template and non-standard template, fully integrated them into a database, and realized automatic switching at the same time

in this way, when we design the mold, after the mold is divided into the front and rear mold, we can directly transfer the mold embryo into the general assembly drawing. The mold wizard is attached with standard mold embryo libraries of several brands, such as LKM, DME, HASCO and Futaba. After we select the type of mold embryo, we enter the standard mold embryo parameter selection interface. All the parameter configurations of all standard mold embryos are written into the mold embryo database. Designers only need to choose according to needs. These parameterization processes have been combined with non-standard mold embryos, and many common mold accessories have been added, such as mold locking pieces, garbage nails, etc. at the same time, exhaust slots have been opened according to the size of the mold The skid pit greatly simplifies the design work and avoids many repetitive work

when we need to change the standard mold embryo into a non-standard mold embryo, we can choose the newly developed "UN"_ STD "category, modify various parameters and update to generate a new mold embryo, which can complete the automatic switching between standard mold embryo and non-standard mold embryo. Compared with the previous generation of non-standard mold embryo, it greatly simplifies and facilitates the design work and improves the efficiency of design and drawing. The most important thing is to retain all the features of the previous operation and achieve synchronous update. While improving efficiency, it also avoids the loss of previous work, so that the work that originally took five days to complete can be easily completed in one day, and can effectively prevent errors and problems

in addition, based on the same starting point, we also developed and embedded the company's own standard parts library in the Moldwizard, with the base material as the support layer, so that when designing the mold, we can easily call the company's own standard parts system in addition to the mold accessories of the supplier at will

in order to simplify and facilitate the work, we have also developed some standard structures, such as row position, inclined top, push square, straight top, etc., which are fully parametrically embedded in the Moldwizard system, so that designers can automatically update and complete the complex modeling process of these standard structures by directly calling and modifying the relevant parameters during mold design and modeling

the above experience summary is completely based on the open development environment and parametric modeling provided by Unigraphics NX and nx/moldwizard. Therefore, it is not a dream to effectively apply Unigraphics NX and nx/moldwizard to improve our plastic mold design level and speed

next, we will share with you our application skills in using nx/cam:

in 2005, the high-speed machining (HSM) function of UG NX cam module was widely used in the mold manufacturing industry. I believe that many UGS users are no longer unfamiliar with its processing process. However, in order to give full play to the advantages of high-speed machining, high-speed CNC milling machines and cutters suitable for high-speed machining are also needed. In addition, it is necessary to talk about the application skills and proficiency of the software. How to improve the programming speed and accuracy is the key to the application of NX cam software

1. Application of processing templates

as we all know, NX cam has very powerful functions, and there are many corresponding parameter settings. If you have to repeatedly set the same type of parameters every time you create an operation, it will be very cumbersome. Therefore, UGS provides us with the function of processing template definition. The template contains pre-defined parameters, including values (part intol, part outl, feed rates, Stepover distance, etc.) and a dialog box (create dialog box) that can display customized objects. Using the template, we can quickly and easily define new processes and processing object groups to meet the requirements of users. Because the template contains a set of standard default parameters, you can avoid repeated and cumbersome parameter definitions every time you create a new operation or machining object group

as shown in the figure below, this is a template customized by ourselves. The template is represented by subtype. In the template, a set of standard processing parameters are formulated according to the parameters of CNC milling machine, cutting tool cutting parameters and the hardness of commonly used materials. The template defines process parameters such as internal/external tolerance of parts, feed speed, spindle speed, cutting step and various residual quantities

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