Application of powerflex4 in CNC machine tools

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Talking about the application of powerflex4 in CNC machine tools

I. Introduction

CNC machine tools, referred to as NC (numericalcontrol) machine tools, are a new type of machine tools developed by the comprehensive application of computer technology, automatic control, sensing technology, precision measurement, machine tool design and other advanced technologies. They are electromechanical integrated products integrating machinery, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronics and other technologies, It is a machine tool with the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, high automation and high flexibility in mechanical manufacturing equipment

CNC machine tools are generally composed of mechanical and electrical parts, of which the electrical and electronic part is mainly composed of numerical control system (CNC), feed servo drive and spindle feed drive system. The spindle is an important part of the machine tool. It plays a very important role in improving the processing efficiency, expanding the range of processing materials and improving the processing quality. Most of the traditional ordinary machine tools cannot change speed automatically. When you need to change speed, you can only stop the machine tool and then change speed manually. The main transmission system of CNC machine tools mostly adopts stepless speed change. At present, there are mainly two kinds of CVT systems: variable frequency spindle system and servo spindle system. DC or AC spindle motor is generally used. Drive the spindle to rotate through the belt drive, or drive the spindle to rotate through the belt drive and the reduction gear in the spindle box (to obtain greater torque). Due to the wide speed regulation range of the spindle motor and stepless speed regulation, the structure of the spindle box is greatly simplified. At present, due to the high cost performance of the frequency converter, the frequency converter is widely used in the NC transformation of economic NC machine tools and ordinary machine tools

II. Product features

allen Bradley brand powerflex4 AC converter provides users with powerful motor speed control in its compact and space saving design. It is the smallest and most cost-effective member of the PowerFlex converter series. The rated power and voltage level that the frequency converter can provide are 0 7KW (0.hp), 120V, 240V and 480v are designed to meet the requirements of all OEMs and end users for flexibility, space saving and convenience. Powerflex4 is a cost-effective choice for speed control in spindle drive applications of mechanical tools such as machine tool industry

1. it is a compact mini product with small volume and zero clearance, saving installation time and space

2. Easy to install, flexible protective housing and installation options, direct card has been held for 102 sessions so far, installed on DIN rail

3. the performance of sensorless vector control meets the needs of various types of applications, especially in low-speed torque to meet the needs of machine tool spindle, and the starting torque can reach more than 150% at 5Hz

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4. It has complete functions and is easy to set and start. The control key of the operation panel and the potentiometer on the panel simplify the starting process, and the status indicator on the start key and speed potentiometer can indicate its status

5. Integrated panel and communication port, with built-in RS485 communication (DSI, frequency converter serial communication protocol)

6. excellent starting torque and acceleration performance, current accuracy and digital input response time, fast response to torque changes, high-speed mode can improve the response time to 10msec

7. provide multi-functional output terminal signals, such as speed arrival signal and fault indication, to meet the system's monitoring of spindle speed status

the iveexplorer and driveexecutive software of the sample in Figure 2 should be selected, which provides a simple and intuitive method to program, monitor and control

9. the carrier frequency can be up to 16KHz, and the fan can only run when the frequency converter is running, so as to reduce the electromagnetic noise of the motor and achieve silent operation

10. strong overload capacity, 150% rated output current for more than one minute, 200% rated output current for more than three seconds

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