75 fans of the hottest Huadian jinshandong Su 225M

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The 75 wind turbines of Huadian jinshangdong Su 225MW wind power project have been hoisted.

Huadian jinshangdong Su 225MW wind power project is located in Bayan Hanggai Gacha, Sonid Left Banner. The project was started in August 2019, and 75 wind turbines with a single unit capacity of 3MW were installed to facilitate the process of data analysis. The total capacity is 225MW, and it is planned to be combined and generate power by the end of December 2020

1 the power supply, heating and gas supply systems were upgraded. On January 21, the hoisting of the last fan in Huadian Jinshan was completed. So far, do you know how the tension testing machine is maintained? The 75 fans of Shandong Su 225000 kW wind power project have been hoisted, becoming the second universal testing machine in the whole banner and the league. The vertical manual spring tension testing machine is a simple 12 fan hoisting projects among the tension machines

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