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The application of robots in instrumentation industry

Abstract: compared with foreign countries, the automation degree of instrumentation in China is obviously not high enough, and some still need to be operated manually. Today, with the widespread application of computer technology, in order to obtain higher efficiency and reduce the sampling intensity of labor beating degree tester, we must further improve the automation of instruments and meters with the help of robots and artificial intelligence

although China's instrument industry started late, it has entered a stage of rapid development since the national "Ninth Five Year Plan", which has provided great help for the development of various industries in China and has also occupied a place in the global manufacturing industry. The national "13th five year plan" for scientific and technological innovation puts forward higher requirements for the industry. In this new historical stage, the instrument industry should strengthen technological innovation and accelerate the digitization, intellectualization and networking upgrading of instruments; We should seize the opportunity, actively respond to the call of the government, gather technology, experts, products and engineering projects, and jointly plan the "13th five year plan" development blueprint of the instrument industry. At the same time, in the context of made in China 2025, as energy conservation, consumption reduction, emission reduction and low-carbon economy have become long-term national policies, new industries such as wind power, nuclear power, smart power, high-speed trains and rail transit are huge market growth points for the instrument industry

although China's instrument industry, many people in the industry believe that the instrument industry is developing rapidly, but there are also many problems. For example, the overall technology and level are limited, so it is necessary to further develop intelligent instruments and meters and improve the level of digitalization, intelligence and integration of the industry. In addition, the quality and reliability of our products have always been a major injury in the development of the instrument industry, and it is also a problem that must be solved. Chemical composition of instruments and meters in China (the quality score industry should improve the reliability, applicability and performance of products in the future. At the same time, it also needs to further enrich the varieties and specifications of instruments and meters, and quickly produce a batch of products that meet the requirements of special applications at any time. Moreover, the degree of automation and precision of product production also need to be further improved. Compared with foreign countries, the degree of automation of instruments and meters in China is obviously not high enough, and some still need manual operation. In computer technology Today, in order to obtain higher efficiency and reduce labor intensity, it is necessary to further improve the automation of instruments and meters with the help of robots and artificial intelligence

with the wide application of industrial robots in China, robots have also begun to be used in the instrument industry. For example, a domestic instrument manufacturing enterprise can increase the production efficiency by 45% and reduce the labor cost by 50% by using robots to operate both robots and workers. In the view of the instrument and meter manufacturing enterprises that quote robots here, the intelligent production line not only realizes the analysis of 0.001mm (optional) product value, profit value and brand value, but also has unlimited social value and resource value

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