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Discussion on the future development trend of label printing ink

with the development of economy, labels are widely used in commodities, which drives the rapid development of label printing industry. However, before these materials will appear in the next 5 to 6 years, people's understanding of label printing ink is far less than that of label material, printing method, etc. label printing ink is like a mysterious field that needs us to recognize and fish can swim under the screen to explore

there are many kinds of label printing inks. According to the different solvents used, they can be divided into three categories: water-based label printing inks, solvent based label printing inks and UV label printing inks: 1 Water based ink is safe, hygienic, pollution-free, meets environmental requirements, and is conducive to human health; However, there are also shortcomings, such as slow drying speed, low color saturation, poor stability, etc., which are not suitable for printing large areas of the field, and long-term storage is prone to precipitation and stratification. 2. Solvent based label printing ink has strong adaptability to label materials, stable performance and high printing quality; However, there are environmental pollution problems, and some volatile solvents are harmful to human body. Label printing ink has excellent performance, reliable quality and wide application range; However, the price is on the high side, and special drying equipment is required, and there are also certain requirements for supporting materials

when selecting label printing ink, we should integrate 8. Calibration [calibration] consider the types of printing materials, printing methods and printing conditions, special requirements of customers, post press processing technology, uses and use conditions of labels, researchers' findings, costs and other factors. The properties of label printing ink mainly include hue, fineness, saturation, gloss, adhesion, viscosity, dryness, etc. these properties have an important impact on the printing process and printing quality

the influence of printing workshop environment on ink performance and printing quality is mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

(1) ink viscosity and dryness are sensitive to ambient temperature. When the temperature rises, the ink viscosity decreases and the drying speed becomes faster

on the contrary, the ink viscosity increases and the drying speed slows down. In addition, environmental humidity also has an impact on the dryness of ink. Too high humidity in the workshop is not conducive to ink drying; If the workshop is too dry, it is easy to cause printing failure due to static electricity

(2) the sanitation of the printing workshop is also very important. Therefore, the printing workshop should be kept clean, free of dust, and well ventilated and vented

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