5314 street lamps are installed in the hottest cor

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5314 street lamps were installed in the core area.

yesterday evening, in xizongbu Hutong, Dongcheng District, staff were carrying out the final maintenance and commissioning of 49 newly installed sidewalk lamps. Fang Feishe

learned from the Municipal Urban Management Committee yesterday that 201 Jinan material experimental machine factory produces many types of experimental machines. From 7 years to 2018, the ground entry project of 375 road lamp overhead lines in the core area of the capital was fully completed, 419 kilometers of overhead lines were removed, and 9741 street lamps were newly built, including 5314 street lamps in 218 unlit sections

yesterday evening, xizongbu (2) chose the east entrance of the load grade Hutong, and the staff of Beijing urban lighting management center were debugging the newly installed sidewalk lights. "Three, two, one, switch on!" 49 new street lights came on in unison. On the "task map of the overhead line of the street lamp rack in the core area of the capital" on the wall on one side of the Hutong, 375 roads are lit up, marking the full completion of the overhead line of the street lamp in the core area of the capital from 2017 to 2018

street lights shed soft light, and Ms. Liu, who has lived in xishuangpu Hutong for more than 60 years, is very happy. "The newly installed street lights are good, which can illuminate the Hutong without dazzling. Walking in the Hutong, the feeling of childhood is back!" Ms. Liu said. According to reports, the total length of xizongbu hutong is about 800 meters, and there were originally 18 small bending lamps, which were erected on concrete poles. After the overhead line entered the ground, 49 new sidewalk lights were installed, 31 more than before, to ensure that "there is no line in the sky and light on the ground"

the aerial line is buried in the ground to remove the "spiders" above the city. According to Guo bang, director of the Engineering Department of the Beijing Office for the special rectification of overhead lines into the ground, from 2017 to 2018, the Beijing Electric Power City Lighting Management Center organized and implemented 375 roads, a total of 225 kilometers of overhead lines into the ground in the core area of the capital. A total of 419 kilometers of overhead lines were demolished and 9741 street lights were newly built, including 5314 street lights in 218 unlit sections

Guo Bang said that before the construction of the overhead line of street lights in the core area, the lighting of some roads basically depends on the bulbs hung on the electric poles. However, if the wires are protected and maintained in normal use, the position of the poles is uncertain. There are no electric poles in some places, some electric poles are widely spaced, some are covered by tree crowns, some are surrounded by sundries and difficult to be maintained on the poles, some are self built and self managed, and the street lights are not on for a long time, This has resulted in insufficient lighting in many back streets and alleys. There are roads without lights and lights do not light up, which not only poses problems for residents to travel, but also brings hidden dangers of public security

after the transformation of the overhead line into the ground, the relevant departments redesigned the street lamps according to the actual situation of the road grade, road width and so on. The average illumination of the road was increased from less than 5 lux to 20 lux, and the uniformity was increased from less than 0.1 to 0.4, greatly improving the urban lighting level in the core area. At the same time, according to the existing deficiencies left by the history of the road, 218 road sections that were originally unlighted were supplemented with street lights, ensuring the lighting needs of branches, lanes and public toilets in Hutong

"there are still more than 1000 abandoned poles to be pulled out. We will strive to pull them out by the end of the year, and we will also remove the abandoned cables." Guo Bang said that next year, the transformation of overhead lines into the ground will be carried out around "one nuclear power plant, one main power plant and one auxiliary power plant", as well as key areas and key points around the Expo and the National Day activities area. (Wang Tianqi)

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