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Discussion on the forming technology of color corrugated box

the color pattern of the packaged goods is printed on the packaging box, and the model is always realized through some buttons, so that consumers can recognize the shape of the goods and the good and bad brands from the packaging. This form of packaging has long been popular abroad, and most of our fruit packaging and beverage packaging are also used. At present, this kind of packaging adopts the following processing and molding technologies:

first, offset (or gravure) color surface, and then compound the color surface with corrugated paper to form color corrugated board, and then die-cutting molding. Using this process, it is necessary to be equipped with offset or gravure printing machine, veneering machine, and die-cutting machine. The equipment investment is large, the process flow is long, and the cost of box making and box making is high

II. Flexographic printing technology. One is in the form of web paper. First, the color surface is printed on the multi-color rotary flexo press, and then combined with corrugated paper to form color corrugated board. Some are compounded on the corrugated board production line, and some are cut into single sheet compounding and then die-cutting molding. Using this process, the equipment investment is large, and the flexibility is poor, which is only suitable for mass production

the other is corrugated white paperboard made of single paper, which is printed with color corrugated paperboard on a multi-color flexible printing machine, and then die-cut. Using this process, the input of equipment is reduced, the process flow is shortened, and the cost of box making is reduced. This process is worth popularizing and applying

at present, there are three methods of carton die-cutting and molding technology at home and abroad: flat die-cutting, circular die-cutting and circular die-cutting

the flat press die-cutting machine has a semi-automatic type, which relies on manual paper delivery, and the production efficiency is low; Automatic type, automatic paper feeding, automatic waste removal, high production efficiency; Tiger mouth type flat pressing die-cutting machine has extremely low production efficiency and unsafe operation. Flat pressing and die cutting is characterized by easy molding of silicon nitride fine ceramics, low cost and high die cutting precision; The disadvantage is that the first two kinds of equipment are expensive, and the latter one is relatively low. Although there are two deficiencies in production according to national standards, there is no similar low-cost equipment to replace it at present, so it is still being popularized and applied

circular die cutting machine. There are two types of this machine: one is soft die cutting, which is still provided by Taiwan to the mainland and produced by domestic manufacturers. The mold sleeve in Taiwan is made of polyurethane material, which is extremely expensive and difficult for users to bear; Nylon is used in China, which has a short service life. Due to the unreasonable design, it is very complicated to change the sleeve. The other is hard die cutting. This type of machine has long stopped production in foreign countries, but it is vigorously promoted and applied in China, because it has simple structure, low cost and high production efficiency, but it also has its fatal weakness: the blade is damaged quickly, the die cutting effect is not ideal, and the molding cost is high and difficult

the round flattening die machine is expanded to full-automatic type; It is only produced in France abroad. The biggest feature of this machine is its high production efficiency. It can be equipped with multi-color flexible printing units to form a printing die-cutting unit, which can complete the printing die-cutting molding of color corrugated boxes at one time. The precision is also particularly high, but the equipment price is too high. A three-color printing die-cutting machine costs more than 600000 US dollars, and only a few have been introduced in China. The manual type, which was copied from Britain and France in the late 1990s in China for proofing, is a platform die-cutting machine widely used in the market at present. The machine is characterized by three circle flattening die-cutting method, which has the advantages of three circle flattening, but the disadvantage is inaccurate positioning and low production efficiency

in view of the many adverse factors of the above machinery, after more than 10 years of painstaking research, and with the strong cooperation of Jingzhou packaging machinery factory, the author has developed a round flattening die-cutting machine with ideal performance, moderate efficiency, low cost, accurate positioning, safety and reliability. It is developed according to the principle of French round flattening die-cutting machine, and also has a printing die-cutting unit matched with multi-color flexo printing unit. Using this model to process color corrugated boxes has the advantages of less equipment investment, short process flow, low cost of box making and flexible production. It is suitable for different batch production, especially for the processing of beverage and fruit packaging boxes. The introduction of this machine will improve the processing level of cartons and meet the needs of printing and packaging industries. How high can the centralized plate lifting device be promoted Decentralized box making is particularly suitable. In the subsequent process, you only need to purchase this equipment, order boxes and stick boxes, and you can complete the whole process

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