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Discussion on the future development trend of food packaging design

[China Packaging News] in recent years, the types of food packaging materials have shown a variety, and there are stopovers after unloading, including metal, glass, paper, plastic and composite materials. The function of food packaging should not be underestimated, which is manifested in moisture-proof, fresh-keeping, temperature sensing, water sensing, sterilization, anti-corrosion (anti-oxidation), water resistance, acid resistance, oil resistance, deodorization and other functions

first, food packaging design needs personalization to attract more customers. For example, in a tourism promotion event held in Shanghai, the cartoon doll xiaolongbao, designed by the Shanghai Tourism Administration for the Japanese tourism, especially the polyurethane industry, is very popular. The image of the bag is simple and cute. On the big little steamed bun head, a few hairs are just like the pleated lines of the steamed bun, plus a pair of round black eyes and a smiling mouth. It is cute. If you need to know more information. Baobao also has a girlfriend named yummy. Yummy wears little red flowers and a pink skirt. Her name is called in Shanghai dialect, which is very interesting

second, food packaging design needs to be green, which is conducive to environmental protection, and it is the inevitable trend of food packaging design in China. As reported by the daily mail, the edible outer film called wiki edible film, which was developed under the leadership of Dr. Davies Edward, is made of biodegradable polymer or plastic mixed food particles. It looks like an eggshell and can also be impregnated with various flavors. Moreover, it can be used not only for solid food, but also for liquid food, such as soup, cocktails, soda and coffee. Wiki edible film not only does not pollute the environment, but also can be eaten

green food packaging design, that is, the use of green packaging materials, including paper packaging, degradable plastics, edible packaging, natural material packaging, new environmental protection materials; Or use materials that are convenient for recycling, including materials that are convenient for recycling and separation, or materials that are convenient for reuse; Or green manufacturing process; Or try to simplify the packaging, achieve appropriate packaging, and give up packaging

III. food packaging design needs safety and anti-counterfeiting signs. In recent years, food safety incidents have occurred frequently in China. The following problem food events of longevity snails, hairy crabs, red heart duck eggs, turbot and melamine have made people appreciate the unscrupulous greed of illegal producers and operators again and again, and further exposed many black holes in the food safety supervision system. Therefore, food anti-counterfeiting is needed in food packaging design. Mainly through these channels, one is to carry out anti-counterfeiting design and anti-counterfeiting printing on the corresponding packaging, and the other is to add anti-counterfeiting labels. Practice has proved that adding anti-counterfeiting labels is a more effective method. The main anti-counterfeiting labels used in the food industry are: laser anti-counterfeiting labels, digital anti-counterfeiting labels, fragile anti-counterfeiting labels. If the price of the same experimental machine is very different, etc

IV. food packaging design needs to meet the packaging design of modern commodities sold by e-commerce. More and more people choose to go shopping. People can't see the real goods when shopping. They can only choose through packaging design. Therefore, packaging design needs to strengthen the function of packaging: first, communication function, to help customers easily confirm products and make accurate decisions. Second, provide information function, provide sufficient information for customers, and strengthen brand recognition for customers. Third, interactive function, attracting customers' attention and arousing customers' product curiosity. Fourth, the stimulation function can stimulate customers' purchase impulse and effectively promote sales

experts pointed out that food cannot be separated from packaging, and the quality of packaging directly affects the quality, grade and market sales of food. The trend of food packaging design in China must be the packaging design of modern commodities that are personalized, green, with safety and anti-counterfeiting signs and in line with e-commerce sales

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