The hottest food packaging material paper MFD

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Food packaging material paper MFD

MFD has the characteristics of heat sealing, ventilation, good oil and water resistance, safety and harmlessness. In order to make the packaging paper have heat sealing property, the surface of the heat sealing resin paper should be coated or bonded with polyethylene to make it have heat sealing property, without secondary processing to obtain ventilation, and its ventilation can be controlled according to user requirements. For example, with the increasing demand for light-weight and robust parts, high specific surface area, high conductivity, high thermal conductivity, high barrier, high thermal stability, high magnetism, high mechanical strength, and good light transmittance, the food packaged with breathable packaging paper can be heated by electronic waves, and there is no steam in the package, so that the food surface can be kept fresh. Because of the above characteristics, MFD can be expected to be the last packaging material for frozen food heated by electronic waves to increase independent innovation. At present, it has been used to package hamburgers. 

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