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Food packaging machinery enterprises should have three kinds of leading consciousness

the first is the research leading consciousness. At present, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and the demand is getting stronger and stronger. Food machinery manufacturers should go deep into the general public to change what the market needs, what the enterprise develops and produces, what it develops and produces for me, and what is popular in the market. Let our own food machinery development always lead the market, develop one generation, eliminate one generation, continue to develop, continue to eliminate. As the market is more finely divided, the focus of the development of food machinery in the future will tend to be fast, efficient, convenient and low consumption, especially the demand for small food machinery will be increasing, which requires the majority of enterprises to go out and promote the wind of research

second, brand awareness. Brand is the soul of an enterprise. At present, there are many mechanical products, but few good brands. Why? Some enterprises do not pay attention to brand, only study and develop, but the products with good results have affected the improvement of market share because they do not have a good brand. An enterprise that manages its own brand well must have reliable product quality, high-quality after-sales service and image building marketing publicity, all of which are indispensable. In fact, at present, we have lost many market opportunities. A small food machine was introduced by a friend. It is very easy to use, and the experimental machine has been used for 10 years. It is convenient, and the quality is also very good. Introducing other friends has a good response. But everyone also said that they had never heard of this product before, and they could not see this product in most areas of the province. It can be seen that recycling cobalt is an important way. This small food machinery has a broad market, but due to its low popularity, the production volume cannot go up. If this enterprise invests more in brand management, the result may be different. Brand awareness is a kind of business philosophy. The leading brand awareness makes enterprises always be in the forefront of the market in the competition; However, if the consciousness lags behind, all previous efforts will be wasted and the whole situation will be lost. Therefore, there are well-known food packaging machinery enterprises such as Hunan Xinghuo and Jiangsu qunjie

third, users' awareness of advance. No matter what product, its final consumer is the majority of users, and users decide the market. In foreign countries, some milk production enterprises have established user consumption files, that is, they produce products with different ingredients according to the health status and physical needs of each user. Although it is troublesome, everything is for the user's consciousness, which finally wins users for the enterprise. Our country is vast in territory, abundant in resources and large in population. The living standards of different places are different, the customs that are easy to rust are different, and the user needs are different everywhere. Therefore, as a manufacturer of food machinery, we should establish the awareness of users in advance, that is, we should develop and produce products satisfactory to users according to the living standards, population, eating habits, raw material resources, etc. With China's entry into WTO, the direct operation of enterprises with the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance will be extended to the international market, and the awareness of users in the international market will be stronger, so enterprises can't take it lightly. It is reported that at present, foreign businessmen attach great importance to users' awareness of being ahead of time when exploring the Chinese market, which is also an important magic weapon for them to quickly occupy the Chinese market and gain the trust of Chinese users. Therefore, domestic enterprises must focus on users and do a good job in the development and research of our food machinery to meet the growing needs of users

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