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Food packaging labels are dazzling

the so-called packaging, as the name suggests, refers to the things that package goods, and consumers usually understand the relevant information of goods through packaging, such as production date, shelf life, etc. At present, the numerous food packaging labels on the market are somewhat troublesome, and some problems were found in the interview

hard to find production date

nowadays, citizens' living standards have improved, and their requirements for food have become higher and higher. When shopping for food, citizens are used to looking at its packaging. When checking the production date, they always have to spend some time, because the production date is likely to be hidden in a more hidden place

"shopping and eating now is about freshness, but it took me a lot of time to find the production date that can best show the freshness of food." Miss Zhang, who is shopping for new year goods in the supermarket, poured bitter water on da. Every time Miss Zhang buys something to eat, the first thing is to look at the production date of the food. Most of the food packages have the production date marked in a relatively obvious place, but some food has been looking for a long time and can't be found. At this time, Miss Zhang always participated in the initial dry crack resistance test device of concrete, which is suitable for testing the initial crack resistance of concrete specimens under binding conditions. The prompt on the packaging bag: "see the seal or packaging for the production date" and other words, and finally found the production date hidden in a hidden corner. During the interview, it was found that it was really difficult to find the production date on a few food packaging bags. On a kind of dried tofu packaging bag with buy one get one free, I searched the outer packaging, but I still couldn't find the production date. On a kind of longan packaging bag, under the guidance of the prompt, it was not easy to find the production date, but I found that the production date was marked on the seal of the inner packaging bag, and half of the date was covered by the outer packaging bag, It's not very clear to people

difficult food names

entering the supermarket, people are dazzled by the dazzling array of food on the shelves, while the names of some food are confusing. In order to attract people's attention, manufacturers make a big fuss on food names

it is also fruit juice, including orange juice and blueberry juice; Like the more powerful replacement battery, yogurt drinks have several names, from "yogurt" to "yogurt"; Some drinks are simply called "Milu"... It was found in the interview that some foods really don't know what they are if they don't carefully read the introduction of raw materials

"last time I brought my granddaughter to buy something, as soon as I saw what nutrition express line on the shelf, I insisted on buying a bottle, saying it was often put in advertisements." Zhu Laobo told him that although he had seen it on TV once or twice, he still didn't know what kind of drink this nutrition express was. After watching it with a bottle for a long time, he gradually reacted. "In order to attract everyone's attention, there are all kinds of food names now. In fact, it's better to be simple and easy to understand, so that people can understand it at a glance." Uncle Zhu said so

imported food is hard to find. A while ago, Aunt Liu's nephew brought back two 380v/50hz boxes of food from abroad, but when she was holding something, Aunt Liu was worried. She searched the packaging box, but she never found a sentence introducing food in Chinese, all of which were foreign languages that people couldn't understand. After calling her daughter home from school, she knew that these two boxes were different kinds of chocolates. For this matter, Aunt Liu was also told by her daughter. "It's not only English, but also several foreign languages. For young people, knowing some English may be easier to understand, but for US elderly people, we don't understand at all. If we don't know what it is, how dare we eat it?" Aunt Liu seemed very helpless. "Now there are frequent exchanges between China and foreign countries, but why not change the details of this kind of food packaging? More Chinese introductions will make it clear at a glance that the United States has accepted the second round of human rights review of the United Nations Human Rights Council."

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