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China's food packaging machinery has great potential for development

beverages, dairy products and beer are all categories of large-scale production, and they are also the industries with the strongest demand for packaging machinery and equipment. Since the 1980s, China has imported a large number of beverage, dairy and beer packaging machinery every year, and the momentum of introduction is still increasing. Most of these machines are high-speed automatic production lines with strong reliability and high output. Some of the equipment are the most advanced models in the world today. The introduction of these production lines has enabled the packaging level of some Chinese beverage, dairy and beer enterprises to develop synchronously with that of developed countries. At the same time, the production of packaging machinery in China has also made considerable progress. Some filling and sealing integrated equipment has reached a high level. The level of packaging production lines, including plastic beverage bottles, yogurt cups, sterile packaging molding equipment and labeling machines, has also been improved, which can meet the needs of medium-sized enterprises, some of which can replace imported equipment, and the export volume has increased year by year

at present, the output value of China's food packaging machinery is about 30billion yuan, while the annual import of food packaging machinery is about 1billion dollars. Among them, beverage, dairy and beer packaging machinery accounts for a considerable proportion

beverage packaging

at present, domestic products of pretreatment equipment for drinking water, carbonated beverages and tea beverages in China can basically meet the needs. Medium and low-speed bottle sorting and packing equipment also have matching products to choose from. In terms of hot filling machines, all equipment factories can solve the process requirements such as control and sealing of equipment in the hot filling environment. Jiangsu Meixing and Guangdong dayilong also solved the problem of aseptic cold filling. However, whether it is carbonated drinks, bottled water, fruit juice or tea drinks, PET bottles, metal cans or Tetra Pak, the packaging production lines of China's famous beverage enterprises are basically the world of imported equipment

packaging of carbonated beverages

carbonated beverages represented by Coca Cola and Pepsi are still the largest varieties of beverages in China. Although the growth rate slows down, the absolute number still increases significantly every year

pet bottle is the main packaging form of carbonated beverages. Zhuhai Zhongfu and Shanghai Zijiang are PET bottle suppliers of Coca Cola and Pepsi carbonated beverages. Both enterprises have dozens of imported two-step equipment, which adopts the production mode of centralized manufacturing of bottle blanks and decentralized bottle making and supply to the nearest coke filling plant. Since the price of carbonated beverage bottles has been completely transparent, the profit is very thin. Bottle making enterprises mainly win by volume, and the use of high-speed equipment is inevitable. In the production of bottle blanks, the 72 cavity injection molding machine has been used. Zhongfu and Zijiang bottling plants also began to adopt a more flexible and pragmatic way of equipment procurement and began to cooperate with different bottling equipment suppliers. The installed capacity of the high-speed bottle blowing machine with a bottle blowing speed of 20000 bottles per hour continues to increase

although the market share of aluminum two-piece cans is declining year by year, there is still a certain market. At present, the enterprises that produce aluminum two-piece cans in China are all foreign-funded holding enterprises, and the equipment is also all imported full-automatic production lines. And after continuous naming and saving, it can be updated, and the production speed is generally improved

although there is Shanghai Baoyi, a steel two-piece can manufacturer, aluminum cans still dominate China's two-piece cans. At present, internationally, the United States is still dominated by aluminum cans, while Europe tends to produce steel cans. Although China's aluminum plates for aluminum cans basically rely on the introduction and are expensive, it also requires huge investment to transform the existing aluminum can production line into steel cans. In the case of the continuous downturn of the two-piece can market, enterprises lack enthusiasm for investment

because the technology involved in the two-piece can production line is very complex and the process requirements are extremely strict, at present, China has no similar equipment for many years, especially affected by the downturn market, mechanical equipment development enterprises also lack the enthusiasm to develop related production lines

packaging of tea and fruit juice beverages

hot filling is still the main production and filling process of tea and fruit juice beverages at present. Hot filled PET bottles, metal three piece cans and Tetra Pak are the three major packaging forms of tea and fruit juice drinks

some tea and fruit juice production enterprises purchase hot filled PET bottles, such as unified; Some beverage enterprises produce PET bottles by themselves, such as Master Kang and Wahaha; Some beverage enterprises also cooperate with bottle making enterprises, which install machines to blow bottles in beverage factories, such as Coca Cola Dongguan factory. In either way, the main equipment for producing hot filled PET bottles is the two-step equipment of husky in Canada, Sidel in France and SIPA in Italy

hot filling used to be the largest source of profit for professional bottle making enterprises, but with the transparency of price, the price of hot filling PET bottles is declining, and the profit space is constantly compressed. In order to improve the hot filling temperature of PET bottles, most enterprises using two-step equipment cooperate with a Taiwanese enterprise to improve the molding process of the bottle mouth, so that the filling temperature can be increased to 93 degrees

this year, major beverage factories have continued to launch tea or fruit juice drinks with large capacity, such as 1.5 liters and 2 liters. The traditional hot filling and bottling production equipment and process are difficult to produce satisfactory high-capacity hot filling bottles. At present, the multi blow bottle process of Nissin is widely used

although Beijing Huiyuan has introduced China's first cold aseptic filling production line, equipped with SIPA high-speed bottle blowing equipment, there is no sign of other large beverage factories following up for the time being. The production requirements of cold aseptic filling for bottles are much simpler than that of hot filling, which is the same as that of ordinary water bottles and carbonated beverage bottles. However, the bottle making line is required to be able to be connected with the high-speed filling line, with high production speed and strong reliability. At present, Italian and French equipment are still the main ones that can provide this kind of bottle making equipment

the cold aseptic filling production line seems to be overqualified in the production of tea or fruit juice drinks. It is generally believed that it is more suitable for the production of drinks that cannot be produced by the hot filling process. The "Bayer" car adopts PC materials to replace glass to make rear view mirror materials, such as milk tea, coffee, etc

metal three piece cans and composite cartons are also common tea and beverage packaging, but the proportion has a downward trend. Three piece cans are mostly produced by the earlier introduced production lines, and almost all composite paper packaging is produced by Tetra Pak and SIG equipment and materials

100% fruit juice market is developing continuously, but the overall market size is still relatively small, and the market is also mainly concentrated in large cities. Its packaging is mainly Tetra Pak or Kangmei bag, and glass bottles also have a small share

bottled water packaging

bottled water is the product with the largest market share in China's beverage market at present. PET bottles for water packaging, like pet bottles for carbonated beverages, have relatively low requirements. This is one of the fields where domestic equipment can be used. However, large bottled water production enterprises still rely on the introduction of one-step equipment from Japan or Italy. Due to the lower profit of PET bottles for bottled water, the current bottle making equipment is also based on high-speed lines. The domestic bottle making machine produced by Guangzhou Dayelong has a production speed of about 8000 bottles per hour. Therefore, it will have strong competitiveness in the bottled water and carbonated beverage market

dairy packaging

liquid milk

liquid milk is becoming the most important dairy product in China. For example, the consumption of liquid milk in Beijing and Shanghai accounts for 50% of the total consumption of milk

at present, dairy enterprises basically choose domestic equipment for pretreatment, which is not very expensive. Most of them use imported equipment in the key stages of packaging materials, filling, inkjet coding and so on. Swedish Tetra Pak, American International Paper and other foreign companies occupy most of the dairy equipment market, while some small enterprises choose domestic equipment because they have no financial strength

sterile paper packaging represented by Tetra Pak and Kangmei Bao is the most important packaging form of liquid dairy products at present. In addition, Tetra Pak pillows are becoming increasingly popular in big cities in order to reduce costs. At present, most of China's dairy production giants have begun to use this kind of packaging, among which Mengniu is the most used enterprise. In 2002, it used more than 1billion packages of Tetra Pak, which is not only the world's largest Tetra Pak pillow milk manufacturer, but also the largest of all liquid beverage manufacturers using this packaging

similar to Tetra Pak pillows, sterile bag dairy packaging also includes Baili bags produced with French equipment. At present, it is also used by some enterprises

in addition, Hong Kong construction machinery has been restructured on the basis of Baili machine, and began to assemble sterile bag filling machines in China. It has been put into large-scale production in many dairy production enterprises, such as Ningxia Xiajin, Heilongjiang Hongxing, Shandong Huiyuan, etc


in recent years, the production and sales of yogurt in China have increased at an average annual rate of 40%. The diversified demand for yogurt has promoted the development of packaging technology. Plastic yogurt cups, composite paper bags and Tetra Pak are the main packaging forms. Yogurt cup is the dominant one. Quadruple cup and sextuple cup are widely used

at present, the yogurt cup forming equipment has been basically localized. The yogurt cup forming machine produced by Hangzhou Zhongya can replace the imported equipment and is widely used in yogurt packaging. However, the high-end printing equipment of yogurt cup still needs to be imported from abroad

Tetra Pak bags and Tetra Pak pillows are also widely used in yogurt packaging. In addition, BOPP bottles have also begun to be used in lactic acid bacteria drinks

beer packaging

glass bottles and metal cans are the two main packaging forms of beer, especially the dominant position of glass bottles is still unshakable. Plastic beer bottles, once noisy, have not yet formed a market. This is not only related to the low price of beer in China, but also inseparable from the lack of market demand

in addition to the traditional 640ml green bottles and brown bottles, there are more and more 330ml vials in the Chinese market at present, and its target market is mainly for specific consumer places such as bars; Beer bottles of 500 ml and 600 ml also began to appear; In addition, beer packaged in white glass bottles has also been on store shelves, although beer industry professionals do not think that white glass bottles are very suitable for holding beer

some breweries have developed unique packaging on the basis of B-shaped bottles. For example, the 10 ° refreshing beer launched by Beijing Yanjing Brewery this year adopts a 600ml special bottle with Yanjing logo and "Yanjing Beer" in Chinese and English on its shoulder. The package is beautiful, novel, generous and refreshing. However, these special bottles also bring some difficulties to recycling and reuse. Most of them have become wine bottles for one-time use, so they are generally only used for high-end beer varieties

beer is the largest application market for two-piece cans. However, due to the low price of beer in China and the high price of two-piece empty cans, beer cans are basically traditional cans, and some large capacity or special-shaped cans basically do not appear in the Chinese market

domestic sealing and filling machines have been widely used in large breweries in China, and some powerful enterprises have introduced high-speed equipment from KHS or Krones. At present, China's glass bottle filling machine and can filling machine have reached the international level in the early 1990s, and the production capacity can reach bottle/hour and can/hour respectively. The glass bottle destacker, bottle washer, sterilizer, bottle conveying system, carton stacker and other supporting equipment have also reached the corresponding level

in terms of labeling equipment, double labeling of glass bottles

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