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Food packaging lets you see clearly

"food is the priority of the people, and food safety is the first". Food quality and safety are increasingly valued by people. From October 1 this year, two mandatory food labeling standards, the general principles for the labeling of prepackaged food and the general principles for the labeling of prepackaged food for special meals, will be officially implemented. The implementation of these two standards means that in the future, when consumers buy food that has been pre quantitatively packaged or loaded (poured) into containers, when the sampling frequency is 50 times the verification frequency, they will no longer be confused by the words, graphics, symbols and other instructions on the food packaging. The new standard puts forward targeted countermeasures for some non-standard phenomena existing in China's food labels, It can better protect consumers' right to know

the name and size are unified, reflecting the real attribute

in the market, it is not difficult for consumers to find that some beverage manufacturing enterprises in China will continue to adhere to the concept of "truth, reality, affinity and honesty" and the correct concept of righteousness and benefit, and will mark the prominent position of the packaging of their lactic acid bacteria beverage products or lactic acid flavor milk containing beverage products with bright colors, so as to make consumers misunderstand milk containing beverages

in view of these situations, the new standard requires that when the special name of the real attribute of food is easy to misunderstand the food attribute due to different font sizes, the special name of the real attribute of food should be marked with the same font size, such as "chocolate" and "dry sandwich" in "chocolate sandwich biscuits", which should all use the same font size, and the special design allows the seller to quickly complete the packaging

the general rules also stipulates that food manufacturers can use "innovative name", "strange name", "transliteration name", "brand name" or "trademark name" on the label, but the name specified in the national standard or industry standard or equivalent name must be marked on the adjacent part of the name shown; If there is no name specified in national standards or industrial standards, it must be marked with common names and popular names that reflect the true attributes of food and do not misunderstand or confuse consumers

the production date is eye-catching and easy to check

for a long time, it has been a common problem that the production date and shelf life of products on food packaging are difficult to find. The words "see packaging for production date" and "see sealing for production date" are also common on food packaging bags. The general rules requires that if the date mark adopts the method of "see a certain part of the package", the specific part of the package should be marked. The date mark shall not be additionally pasted, reprinted or tampered with. If the mark is elsewhere, the detailed marking position shall be indicated, and the words "see the outer package" and other words shall not be used to blur it

the new label standard respects consumers' right to know

the new standard strengthens the authenticity of food labels, requiring that the contents marked should include food name, ingredient list, net content and drained matter, solid matter, content, manufacturer's name and address, production date or packaging date and shelf life, product standard number and other information. The content must be true, the language and graphics must be scientific, and the Chinese characters must be standardized, It protects consumers' right to know. The specific names of sweeteners, preservatives and colorants added to the products must be marked, which means that in the future, consumers will not only see the words "add preservatives" on the packaging, but can understand the specific names of added preservatives; Special dietary foods (such as baby food) must be labeled with nutrients

substandard sales will be banned from June 1 next year, and the two general rules will be officially implemented from October 1 this year. What will happen to the food that does not meet the requirements of the new standard in the market? According to the Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, in view of the fact that some food production enterprises have not fully digested the old packaging in stock, in order to reduce waste, the implementation of the new standard also gives enterprises a buffer period, but from June 1, 2006, food that does not meet the requirements of the new standard will be banned from sale


more than 400 food enterprises have conducted food safety training

food quality issues related to the safety of people's lives are the focus of high attention of government departments at all levels. According to the Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, in order to ensure the food quality and safety of citizens, the quality supervision department recently organized more than 400 food enterprises in the city to carry out food quality and safety training, publicized the upcoming "general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food" and "general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food for special meals", so that enterprises can timely grasp the national policies and regulations, and urge them to be used in production, so as to ensure the food safety of the people from the source

at the same time, food enterprises are also required to implement the food production license system in accordance with the requirements of the regulations on the administration of production licenses for industrial products. It is understood that at present, the application for food production license of enterprises engaged in the old five categories (wheat flour, rice, edible vegetable oil, soy sauce, vinegar) and the new ten categories (meat products, dairy products, beverages, condiments, instant noodles, biscuits, cans, frozen food, quick-frozen rice noodles, puffed food) has entered the stage of investigation and punishment, and the quality supervision department has investigated and dealt with enterprises that have not obtained evidence according to law. The new thirteen categories of food production enterprises, including candy, tea, preserves, fried goods, etc., are currently entering the stage of applying for production licenses for the use of raw materials

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