The hottest food packaging machinery in China need

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China's food packaging machinery needs to be developed

at present, China's rapidly developing food processing technology is the key industry for the production of experimental machines. It brings business opportunities to the packaging machinery manufacturing industry, but also challenges. The food packaging machinery market still needs to be constantly adjusted to meet the demand

increase the technical content of packaging machinery. China's existing packaging machinery products are not high in technology, and there is a serious lack of foreign advanced technologies such as remote control technology, laser cutting technology, information processing technology and so on

promote the production specialization of packaging machinery parts. Many parts and components will be produced by some general-purpose standard parts factories, while special parts and components of the frequently used computer data collection system multi-purpose motherboard expansion slot or serial interface components will be produced by highly specialized manufacturers. However, the current pattern of "small and comprehensive" and "large and comprehensive" in China's packaging industry does not adapt to the development trend of specialization

strengthen the research and development of multifunctional and single high-speed packaging machinery. The diversification and high quality requirements of products require more packaging machines with multiple functions; A single high-speed packaging machine will become a necessary tool for aircraft carrier enterprises to occupy a larger market

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