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Food and packaging machinery have leapt to a new level. During the Ninth Five Year Plan period, China's food and packaging machinery industry has made considerable progress in product varieties, grades, sales and exports. According to statistics, since 1995, the development of food and packaging machinery in China has been stable, higher than the growth rate of the national economy in the same period. The total output value increased from 9.26 billion yuan in 1995 to 27 billion yuan in 1999; The variety of products increased from 2700 to 3500; The total export volume was 228million US dollars in 1995, and has reached 400million US dollars by 1998

according to the China food and packaging machinery industry association, the development of China's food and packaging machinery industry during the "Ninth Five Year Plan" shows several characteristics: first, it is gradually maturing, and many products have jumped to a new level. At present, there are only four 20 meter diameter film blowing machines developed by China that can be produced in the world; High speed 6-color gravure printing machine, double material bottle blowing machine, multi-layer easy-to-use coextrusion equipment, freeze-drying equipment and pulp molding machinery have reached the international level in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Second, the equipment is gradually scaled up, and the production line capacity continues to rise. For example, the 40000 bottle/hour beer filling production line has increased the degree of freedom of design - plastic parts are more qualified for the design and stable operation of complex shapes. 7 at the same time, the filling line will be launched when 2000 bottles/hour brings confidence to extruder enterprises; The production line of plastic bottles of non aerated beverages has reached 12000 bottles/hour, and the filling line of 18000 bottles per hour has been put into production; The laminated corrugated board production line with a width of 2500 mm and a speed of 180 m/min has been running stably. Third, it is gradually developing towards full automation. Products with complex movements and high technical content have begun to emerge. The industrial robot developed by the Institute of mechanical industry automation has been successfully applied in the packaging production line

nevertheless, in the future, China's food and packaging machinery industry will still focus on developing new products and improving technical level

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