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Medium term futures: LLDPE market sentiment loss, short-term trend low shock

LLDPE market low shock this week, market sentiment downturn, positions and trading volume shrink. The main force changes months, and l0809 contract replaces l0805 contract as the main contract. The upstream crude oil market fluctuated violently, but the response of the domestic market was flat, and the domestic production entered the off-season. He said: I think this is a growth field with great potential, with reduced demand and reduced trading interest in the futures market. However, the market did not continue to decline, and the upside down period limited the market's falling space. In addition, the crude oil market holds the 100 yuan mark, which also plays a cost supporting role in the market

the international crude oil market fluctuated violently in the first three trading days of this week. On Monday, the market took profits at the end of the quarter, and the oil price fell sharply. On Wednesday, the oil price rebounded strongly because the US gasoline inventory then continued to increase the load, and the decline was higher than expected. On Wednesday, nymex5 crude oil futures closed at $104.83 and ice5 crude oil futures closed at $103.75. According to the data of the American Energy Information Association, the gasoline inventory in the United States fell by 4.5 million barrels to 224.7 million barrels last week, twice the decline expected by analysts. The decline of gasoline inventory ignored the impact of the rise of crude oil inventory. Recently, the oil price shock has intensified. After several attempts to test below 100 yuan, they finally received above 100 yuan, indicating that the 100 yuan mark has a strong support for the market

the domestic spot market remained stable as a whole, with average transactions. On Friday, Qilu Chemical City 7042 quoted 13800 yuan/ton, with a general mentality of traders; The price of 7042 in Nanjing market is 14000 yuan/ton, and the transaction is general; The quotation of 7042 in Guangzhou market was 13850 yuan/ton, and the transaction was flat

technically, the l0809 contract broke through the suppression of the 5-day moving average and the trading focus moved upward, but the market sentiment was lost and the short-term trend remained low and volatile

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