Medium molecular weight polyisobutylene has a broa

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Medium molecular weight polyisobutylene has a broad market in sealing

following the sharp rise in the price of low relative molecular weight ("relative molecular weight", hereinafter referred to as molecular weight) polyisobutylene in 2006 and the frequent shortage of large bearing friction due to bearing dirt, corrosion and tight assembly, the price of medium molecular weight polyisobutylene also rose in 2007, which is in short supply. This confirms the previous prediction of China Petroleum and chemical industry association that the domestic consumption of polyisobutylene has increased year by year, and the demand for special sealing materials for insulating glass and gum base has increased

with the popularization and application of plastic steel windows, insulating glass has gone deep into ordinary residential buildings, developed rapidly, and has broad application prospects in the domestic market. Polyisobutylene used in insulating glass sealant can increase the flexibility and permeability of products. At present, the sealing structure of insulating glass in the market is divided into single seal and double seal. Single seal refers to that the insulating glass is sealed with comfortable adhesive strips; Double sealing refers to two layers of glue applied to the insulating glass, with medium molecular weight polyisobutylene glue as the leading sealant and polysulfide glue or silicone glue with good strength as the second sealant. In any structure, medium molecular weight polyisobutylene plays an important role because of its reliable water resistance and excellent sealing performance. Generally, the content of polyisobutylene in the sealant strip is about 20%, and the content in the rubber, which is a part of the hydraulic universal material testing machine under the leading seal in the double seal structure, can even reach more than 40%. At present, the medium molecular weight polyisobutylene used in China is mainly the products of BASF of Germany, ENEOS of Japan, Jihua and Shunda. Due to the improvement of national environmental protection requirements, the dosage of medium molecular weight polyisobutylene will gradually increase

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