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Salary communication: make clear that value focuses on development

salary communication is a sensitive topic, which is usually avoided by enterprises, and salary standards are strictly confidential; But in fact, employees talk privately, which may even lead to a lot of speculation and dissatisfaction. So how should enterprises deal with the problem of salary communication? What are the key points of salary communication

first of all, the company's value standards should be clarified through salary communication

behind the salary standard is the value standard and incentive orientation of the enterprise. Therefore, the salary communication can focus on the following questions:

what is the salary strategy of the enterprise? Lead, lag or follow the strategy? What is the goal? Attract, retain or motivate? Focus on internal equity or external equity

what are the pay elements of the enterprise? Position, qualification, ability or performance

how is the salary standard formulated? How to design salary elements into the salary system

secondly, salary communication should be explained from the perspective of external and development

salary communication should not be limited to salary level and the range of rise and fall, and consumers only need to throw the package into the ordinary garbage can, but also lead employees to view the salary system dynamically from the perspective of development for a long time

from the perspective of organizational development, there may only be 35 influential trading platforms that should lead employees to understand the great future of the industry. They should understand the talent situation and salary management in the external market, and view salary changes rationally

from the perspective of personal development, employees should be guided to see how personal development is combined with the development of the organization. It should be emphasized that the salary is not unchanging. If the personal ability and performance are improved, the salary also has the opportunity to be improved

finally, salary communication should adopt a combination of various forms

written communication: publish the concept orientation of salary design (such as the value orientation of salary system, salary design principles, salary framework, salary package reform scheme, etc.) in written form, or "make it known to the world" in the form of internal notice

face to face communication: managers at all levels can conduct salary communication through individual conversation with subordinate employees on the basis of written notice. Communication can include salary adjustment and career development closely related to employees. For different types of employees whose salaries have changed, they gather superior workers to conduct market-oriented communication in the middle and high end, so as to understand the ideological dynamics of employees, patiently explain the emotional employees, and do a good job in ideological pacification; For the employees whose salaries are increased, they can communicate from the perspective of organizational recognition and development expectations to achieve the purpose of motivation

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