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On November 26, the second "formaldehyde free cup" basketball friendship match jointly held by Yadan and its strategic partners Wanhua Group and Tianxiang board industry was passionately staged at Yadan headquarters

on November 26, the second "formaldehyde free cup" basketball friendship match jointly held by Yadan and its strategic partners Wanhua Group and Tianxiang board industry was passionately staged at Yadan headquarters. Senior Colonel Zhang, the chairman of Yadan, Zhao Ruihong, Wei Yonghong, the general manager, Hu Haijun, the marketing director, Wang Gang, the brand director, Zhao Weichao, the deputy general manager of production, Yu Wenjie, the general manager of Wanhua ecological board Co., Ltd., Liu Feng, Liu chengheng, the chairman of Tianxiang, he Jiaqi, the general manager, Li general manager of Xinqi industry, and other leading guests were invited to attend the meeting The passionate events witnessed Yadan's humanistic enterprise style of "friendship first, competition second" and "team first, individual second"

at 13:30 p.m., the basketball players of Yadan, Wanhua and Tianxiang gathered at the basketball court of Yadan headquarters. Amid the applause of the guests and the audience, the three teams lined up in turn, with strong physique, vigorous posture and high morale, showing the mental outlook of athletes who are brave and energetic. Major Zhang, chairman of Yadan, delivered a speech for the "formaldehyde free cup" friendship match. He said that the basketball fraternity match will uphold the purpose of "friendship first, competition second" and aim to enhance the friendship between the three parties, "no basketball, no brothers", and look forward to the three parties working together to achieve good results. Subsequently, Yu Wenjie, general manager of Wanhua, and Liu chengheng, chairman of Tianxiang, spoke one after another, expressing their expectations for the athletes to achieve good results

after the passionate and youthful dance of Tianxiang board basketball baby, Yadan vs Wanhua basketball friendship match officially began. Zhang Dong kicked off. At the beginning of the game, Wanhua team took the initiative and won the first ball. The pass changed like a God. Yadan basketball players also quickly entered the state. Zhang Dong led the team to take the initiative to attack, quickly pass the ball with vigorous and skilled actions, and go straight to the backboard. On the basketball court, you compete with each other, attack and defend, and start a round of ball grabbing and pitching. The pitching action is handsome and neat. The passion of the players on both sides is high, and the competition is extremely fierce. Off the basketball court, cheerleaders cheered, and the atmosphere on the court was very active. Soon, the first game came to a perfect end in full swing

during the rest and team formation of the team members, Zhang Dong led Tianxiang basketball baby to perform the "money grabbing dance" on site, which won bursts of applause. Subsequently, Tianxiang vs Wanhua and Yadan vs Tianxiang were carried out successively. In the end, Yadan won the championship with the absolute advantage of the score

in this "formaldehyde free cup" basketball friendship match, Yadan people fought bravely to win the championship. The players not only played a wonderful game, but also vividly reflected the characteristic charm and team spirit of the enterprise. The combination of strong and strong has made the competition extraordinary. The competition has also further enhanced the friendship between Yadan, Wanhua and Tianxiang. It not only shows the friendship and style of the enterprise, but also provides a platform for both sides to communicate with each other, and lays a foundation for sincere cooperation in the future





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