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With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more attention to the decoration of their homes. Many people have seen other people's luxurious decoration and feel very good, so their homes will follow the same way of decoration, but they don't know that some decoration is not useful for our daily life, but there are some problems, which we can call useless decoration

in the actual decoration, there are some decoration that looks beautiful and popular but is actually useless. After living for a long time, they often become “ Cumbersome ”. A first-time decoration owner may often be recruited. Then let's see what useless decoration there are with Xiaobian, so that you may avoid this problem in your decoration

I. partition bookshelves, wine cabinets, Bogu shelves, etc. &mdash& mdash; It's difficult to clean the lattice like

and I want it very much when decorating, but after decorating, I can't wait to shrink my hands to the size of a baby! In real life, partition bookshelves and other open bookcases are faced with the problem of too much dust and difficult cleaning. If the decorations on the bookcase are not often taken care of or replaced, they will look very old because they are covered with dust

tips: in addition to open bookcases and hollow partitions, bookcases and partition type background walls often become dusty corners. Similar shapes can be omitted if they are of little use; If you have it at home, you'd better choose cloth or glass shelter and take care of it often

II. Carpet &mdash& mdash; Easy to hide dirt

the carpet in the living room took more than a year to throw away, including some soot, some broken melon seed shells, peanut peels and so on! Just look at those beautiful photos

tips: exquisite and fashionable bedroom style needs to be taken care of meticulously and often. Carpet fabric decorations are easily stained with dust, which brings decadent atmosphere to the room

III. open the small bar (low utilization rate)

in fact, this kind of bar has relatively simple functions and is not practical. If there is no habit of tasting wine or eating here, it is likely to be vacant. After adding babies to many young families, the utilization rate of the bar is smaller, and some have to be removed

tips: when decorating the bar, we should try to consider its practicality, which can be widened and lowered, and turn the bar into a big party table; And select an appropriate location to avoid affecting the functions of other furniture, so as to avoid the abandonment of single functions

IV. too much lighting (waste of electric energy)

the living room is a place for reception and gathering, and it is often the most ornate place. When decorating this space, many people like to use lighting to create a beautiful phantom space. Lighting with different positions, brightness and shapes brings lively and colorful effects to the room. In real life, the use frequency of lamp strips, downlights, spotlights and other lighting is not large. In modern life, most people have a fast pace of life. The main activity when they go home at night is to rest. A variety of lights are basically not used, and they are only displayed when guests come. In daily life, if you turn on all the lights, it will cost too much electricity.

tip: the basic purpose of lights is lighting. On the basis of practicality, we can choose again in shape, color and other aspects. Ceiling lamps, table lamps and floor lamps are most useful in the living room. Consumers should install them according to their living habits to avoid waste

v. high hanging cabinets (discounted use value)

high hanging cabinets often appear in old houses. Some people worry that there is not enough storage space, and many hanging cabinets are placed on the roof. Such as the entrance of the living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. In fact, the more lockers, the better. The utilization rate of hanging cabinets that are too high and too deep is not high. The hanging cabinet is too high, so you need to step on the chair to place items; If the shelf position in the hanging cabinet is too high, it blocks the line of sight, and the user cannot fully see the built-in items; The hanging cabinet is too deep. What is really useful is the edge position, and the use value is discounted

tip: Generally speaking, the height of the hanging cabinet is suitable for reaching out to get the things in the lower grid of the hanging cabinet, and the bottom of the cabinet should be higher than one person. The commonly used hanging cabinet, such as the hanging cabinet in the cabinet, had better choose the upper open cabinet door to avoid bumping

VI. invisible door (not invisible)

it is not easy to do a good job of invisible door, which is prone to various problems, such as door body deformation, dirty and discolored opening parts, short service life of hardware such as slide rail hinges, and easy problems with reset devices. Once these problems appear, the invisible door will become embarrassing “ Doors that are not invisible ”, Appear neither fish nor fowl. Another embarrassing point is that if the color is lighter, after a long time, you will find a black handprint on a position on the door

tips from the editor: bathroom space has high frequency of use and high humidity, and has higher requirements for the quality of invisible door materials and accessories. In fact, no matter in any space, the installation of invisible doors should be considered “ If not invisible ” Embarrassing consequences, carefully consider before installing

VII. Large bathtub (occupied space)

in the bathroom with limited area, choose bathtub or shower room? Designers said that some consumers who did not have the habit of taking a bath impulsively chose a bathtub. In fact, bathing is a luxury that takes time. Many consumers use it occasionally after installation. Bathtubs that cost a lot of money will eventually become washing pools or fish ponds. Some consumers did not consider the reasonable layout when buying, which confused the originally small bathroom functional area, and the bathtub became an obstacle, and finally had to be removed

tips: the bathroom has small space and strong functions. When consumers buy Bathroom building materials, they must divide the areas with different functions one by one, and clearly divide the washing, bathing and storage areas, which can be carried out at the same time without interfering with each other, otherwise the huge bathtub will bring great inconvenience to life

conclusion: in the actual decoration, all owners still need to plan the decoration according to their own actual situation to avoid some useless decoration, which can save money and avoid home decoration “ Cumbersome ”. That's all for useless decoration. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information




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