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Although the appearance of modern home is simple, the masters call it "less is better than more, simplicity is better than complexity..." Modern simple home design is people-oriented and pays attention to the inner needs of urban groups. Modern design masters all believe that home should no longer be the product of the power class, but should serve life and be enjoyed by the public. Just like the de Villepin summer flower series, with people's yearning and expectation for nature, it is warmly presented in the 89 ㎡ modern simple style room. Whether you are an elite or an ordinary white-collar worker, you can still reach a simple and high-quality home


the obvious collocation of cold and warm colors is impressive. The porch cabinets of Shengruxiahua series are mainly warm colors, breaking the simple and cold space color, and the wall design cannot hide the host's enthusiasm for life

dining room

the dining room and living room are in an integrated layout, and the outdoor light can penetrate the whole space through the floor to ceiling windows to avoid the darkness and depression of the room

the wall of the guest restaurant is painted in pure egg green, without redundant metal frames, soft bags and other background decorations, giving people a comfortable and soft visual experience. Hanging cabinet with Nordic dining tables and chairs, and then decorated with black frame hanging pictures and chandeliers, simple and tasteful

living room

walking from the dining room to the living room, you will never see any backlight ceiling, headlight pool, auspicious clouds or dendritic carved boards, only square TV cabinets and simple fabric sofa

designers express people's desire to return to nature in the city with the combination of three colors close to nature and light, original thin leg furniture


modern simple design stresses practicality, so every inch of space in the home should not be wasted. The balcony is not only an ideal viewing platform, but also a place to carry housework. The small hanging cabinet with marble desktop can prevent household appliances from being exposed to the sun and rain, and can also meet your storage needs

master bedroom

the style of the master bedroom is consistent with that of the guest restaurant, but the prominent peacock blue bedding gives a fashionable feeling outside the personality. In addition, the sliding door wardrobe also adds an open corner cabinet, which is used to place keys, wallets, mobile phones and other small items at hand. The simple design shows humanization

youth room

large volume furniture design can not only present rich color effects, but also effectively expand the room. The whole wall style bookcase and desk design of Sheng Ru Xia Hua series can fully meet the storage and learning needs of teenagers

the wardrobe in one corner of the room is hidden in the wall, and the trendy design must make Sao Nian love it! Whether furniture is simple or not has always been an external form of expression. Simplicity is not equal to simplicity, let alone simplicity. Even the simplest home style can create a quality home, so quality simplicity will never be cheap. Custom furniture, upper Deville mall http://www.dwejia.com/Customization hotline 400-8822-118





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