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The application of toffee color in home is more to create a kind of classical sentiment, a kind of light nostalgia, and a sense of fashion beyond the secular. This is also its greatest charm and value. Now let's have a look with osley wallcovering

at the end of last year, Pantone released the popular colors of 2019, including taffy brown, which is really irresistible

taffy color system, from light to deep, is actually very rich. Whether it is warm, sweet, intellectually gentle light taffy, or noble and exquisite dark taffy brown, it has a pure aesthetic feeling that people can't forget for a long time


taffy is a very soft color in earth tones. From their names, it is not difficult to imagine its origin. Taffy color moves between warm and cold colors, which is neither high cold color nor flamboyant. It often brings charming feeling with the change of light

color matching recommendation

the application of taffy color in home is more to create a classical style. Just like the inspiration picture above, it is a touch of nostalgia and a sense of fashion beyond the secular world. This is also its greatest charm and value

recommended colors

toffee color can make the space look more elegant, purer and warmer. In the whole space, with a light taffy color as the background, lay a sweet tone, add cream like white, and then dotted with ether taffy brown, the whole home is filled with a taste of happiness

the light brown space, coupled with white lines, ceiling, crystal chandeliers, shows the romance of simple European style immediately. White and light brown fireplace, full of retro feeling

with taffy Brown curtains, it adds a little sugar to the whole space, as if you can smell the sweet taste of taffy

the sun shines through the French window, enriching the tone of the whole space. It is conceivable that sitting on a light brown sofa, reading books and drinking tea, you can always maintain a high sweetness in your mood

in such a sweet atmosphere, I always feel that the log colored dining table and chair also contain a bit of toffee sweetness

the space in the bedroom is not big, but when taking white and light gray as the keynote, it feels that the whole space is not crowded at all. The background wall at the head of the bed is taffy brown, but under the action of light, it always feels lighter, but it is full of style

sweet, from the inside out

the small balcony outside the bedroom, in addition to the large French windows, the taffy brown European sofa chair is also a sharp weapon to increase sugar content

the wardrobe, bedding and the background wall at the head of the bed, which are half white, make the whole space look a little light. The taffy Brown curtains are perfectly integrated into it, making the whole color matching mellow

oshilai seamless wall fabric is green and environmentally friendly. The process is produced with world-class equipment. With years of experienced textile technology and patterns independently developed and designed, the product is unique and the quality is assured and reliable

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