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Samsung electric machinery of South Korea announced that it has developed the print head and copper nano ink of the industrial ink-jet device that can directly print the electronic circuit of the printed circuit board. Compared with the previous etching process, the process can be greatly simplified, and the cost can be significantly reduced compared with the previous electronic circuit printing process using Au and Ag inks

the company said that this is the first time that South Korea has developed a print head for an industrial inkjet device. The industrial inkjet device will take the common fault of Se as an example: experimental force display overload mjet brand sales. In addition, due to the oxidation of copper nano ink in the air, the previous development was very difficult. This development is the first in the world

the feature of the print head is that the number of nozzles is twice that of the previous 128, which is 256 more reasonable for the stress of the steel structure. The drive adopts M4 and EMS technology of constant speed friction and wear tester, which can spray 1pl (picol) ink drops. Among the models sold in the market, the smallest is 4PL

with this print head, the process that used to be 7 processes can be simplified into 2 processes: printing and heat treatment. In addition, it can also reduce investment and eliminate harmful substances produced in the production process. The company aims to obtain 350billion won of sales in related businesses for semiconductor, liquid crystal panel, organic EL and solar cell by 2012

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