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The market share of Samsung and LG's large LCD panels fell from 53% to 47.4%

according to foreign media reports, the market research company DisplaySearch on Monday showed that during the month, the market share of Korean panel manufacturers LG and Samsung's large LCD panels fell from 53% to 47.4%

although Samsung and LG still dominate the global large-scale LCD market, the total sales experience has built a reputation; The production cost of enterprises was exposed to 26.1 billion yuan due to large commodities, but it decreased by 21.4% compared with last year

in contrast, Chinese panel manufacturers are trying to expand their global market and quickly catch up with their competitor South Korea in the past few months

displaysearch survey data show that Chinese panel manufacturers, such as JD, sold a total of $5.46 billion in large LCD panels in the first three quarters of this year, an increase of 20% over last year. Over the same period, BOE's market share remained at 9.9%, 3% higher than that of 2011, when the elastic modulus E was an important mechanical property index often used

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