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Sakmi group launched a 72 cavity mold specially designed for 19g soda bottle blank

7 to track the problem rectification. Upakovka upak Italia 2007 exhibition is the largest packaging event in Russia. It was held in Moscow from January 30 to February 2. Sakmi Imola, sakmi labeling machine, sakmi filling company and Benco pack company of sakmi group participated in the exhibition, The booth area of the group has reached 48 square meters

the Dragon Boat Festival small holiday expressway is not free. The value should not be greater than 0.5mm. Sakmi Imola of sakmi group exhibited a set of 72 chamber bottle blank molds this time, which are used to produce 19g bottle embryos of aerated drinks. It is completely designed and manufactured by sakmi Imola. This is part of the complete supply chain of sakmi group's beverage industry equipment

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