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St. Paul's takes the lead in the development of the door and window industry and pioneers the "overall door and window" mode

after 20 or 30 years of development and integration, the door and window industry has gradually stepped into the white hot competition stage. At the same time, with the advent of the era of big home furnishings, the market demand is gradually changing, and more and more door and window enterprises begin to adjust their positioning and change their development direction. In many development models, the "integral doors and windows" have full sunshine absorbing power. In fact, the concept of "integral doors and windows" has not been put forward for a long time. Why do integral doors and windows become more and more popular after the rapid development of the door and window industry? For this reason, I specially interviewed the relevant person in charge of Saint Paul's doors, which is known as the "leading brand of overall doors and windows" in the industry

it is understood that Saint Paul's door is the world's leading one-stop solution supplier for customized doors and windows, which was first established in 2003. It is committed to providing customers with 100% imported pure raw wood doors, process solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, and high-end aluminum alloy door/window customized products. It is the first integrated door and window model, which is favored by the market. Therefore, it is known as the "leading brand of integrated doors and windows". So far, Saint Paul's has a world-class door production base of 400000 square meters in Guangdong, and has introduced several international leading production lines from Germany, Italy and the United States. It has built the first dust-free tempered glass production workshop in the industry, and has a complete product experiment and testing center. Finally, it has hired senior designers from Germany to form a product design team, setting a high-quality overall door and window benchmark for the door and window industry. Therefore, for the development of the overall door and window industry, its view has a certain representativeness. The following is the content of the on-site interview record

question 1: before the concept of overall home furnishing was put forward, Saint Paul's door industry had already established a one-stop system for customized doors and windows. Under what circumstances did this determine the development direction

answer: our enterprise positioning is determined based on market demand. Although the development mode of integrated doors and windows has only appeared in the industry in recent years, it has been twoorthree years since integrated doors and windows began to prevail in the furniture industry. However, according to the market survey data, the overall door and window ownership rate of urban households in China is only 6.8%, which is far lower than the average level of 70% in developed countries in Europe and the United States. At the same time, a few years ago, some experts predicted that for a long time in the future, China's overall demand for doors and windows will increase at an average rate of 5.8 million sets per year, and even there will be a "blowout" phenomenon in the next three to five years. Aside from this, many consumers now hope to buy more household products in the same store to make the decoration process easier, which is a big market demand. It is precisely because of the insight into the large market demand and good development prospect of the overall doors and windows that we, Saint Paul's door industry, took the lead in setting up a customized door and window one-stop system and took the lead in occupying a place in the market

question 2: therefore, why the overall doors and windows are favored by enterprises is closely related to the market demand. So what problems have the integral doors and windows mainly solved for consumers

answer: to understand the content interpretation of integral doors and windows, we must first understand what is integral doors and windows. The overall doors and windows include the "organic integration" of various doors and windows, such as entrance door, bedroom door, balcony door, partition door, kitchen door, etc. Secondly, the overall doors and windows can meet the needs of consumers for the integration of purchase, service and product style at the same time, which is in line with consumers' psychology of convenience, saving money and promoting high-quality products. It has become a new trend in the development of doors and windows industry

question 3: now that we have understood the concept of integral doors and windows and the reasons for their popularity, can you take the development of Saint Paul's door industry as an example to introduce how enterprises should master the core essence of integral doors and windows and achieve sustainable development

answer: the overall doors and windows change with the change of market demand, which requires enterprises to master the core essence of the overall doors and windows in order to achieve the sustainable development of the overall doors and windows. Integral doors and windows are integrated with design, decoration and construction, which also includes the overall collocation and supporting solutions of various home spaces. It can be seen that to do a good job in integral doors and windows, it is necessary to provide high-quality products, perfect functions, creative design and comprehensive services, which requires enterprises to lay a good foundation, otherwise blindly following the trend will only outweigh the gains

take Saint Paul's door industry as an example. Saint Paul's door industry is the first brand of overall doors and windows, and there is no successful model in the market that can be used for reference. Therefore, in combination with the consumers' habits of purchasing wooden door products and aluminum alloy door products in their daily life, Saint Paul's door industry has set the 6S noble door standard for various functional indicators such as product professional design, professional integration, professional service, high grade, high quality and high environmental protection on the basis of meeting the wood door industry standard wb/t and the national aluminum alloy door standard GB. The standard is much higher than 1 The general testing machine is located in the national and international standards, and the wooden doors and aluminum doors and windows that meet this standard are called 6S noble doors. Because the quality of the products produced is far higher than the national and international standards, they are deeply loved by consumers and provide consumers with more than 500000 sets of high-end products and supporting services every year

question 4: as a leading brand of overall doors and windows, what is the future development of Saint Paul's doors and windows

answer: there is a serious homogenization in the door and window industry. To stand out in the market, enterprises should not only create differentiation in products, but also show differentiation in services. Our Saint Paul's door industry also needs to reflect service differentiation. In the future development path, we will invest more energy and money, uphold the service concept of "timely and considerate, customer first" and create a comprehensive service system. Before sales, the enterprise has professionals to help design and customize products, pay attention to user experience, and make customers feel at home; During the sale, the enterprise sends professionals to measure the size, install and guide the use. After sales, in order to ensure the use of the product, Saint Paul Luo regularly pays a return visit to the customer, maintains the later installation effect, and provides maintenance advice. Secondly, through 2000 sales terminals and after-sales service points in 380 large and medium-sized cities across the country, Saint Paul's door industry has responded quickly to consumers' after-sales service, so that consumers can experience international first-class products and services at 600

conclusion: paying attention to the needs of consumer groups is the foothold that Saint Paul's door industry has been adhering to. When the overall doors and windows are popular, door and window enterprises can learn from Saint Paul's door industry from the perspective of consumer needs, find their own positioning, improve product advantages and create product culture, so as to embark on the track of benign development

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