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Samsung executives: it is difficult for Chinese competitors to surpass the high barriers in the chip industry.

Samsung Electronics recently said that the company is expected to maintain its leading edge over Chinese competitors in the chip field. "The technical barriers in the chip industry are higher than those in other industries. Overcoming these difficulties requires more than a large amount of funds," Kim ki Nam, head of solutions Department of Samsung equipment solutions for SABIC, a Saudi plastics development company, said at the shareholders' meeting on Friday. PS: in fact, this also reflects the rapid progress of domestic independent chips...

last year, the revenue of Kim ki Nam's Department reached 108 trillion won (about $100billion), accounting for 45% of the total revenue of Samsung Electronics. The operating profit of this department is 40.3 trillion won, accounting for 75% of the annual operating profit of Samsung Electronics

at this year's general meeting of shareholders, Samsung shareholders approved a 50:1 split of the company's shares and appointed new board of directors and external directors

about 400 shareholders of Samsung Electronics, Kwon Oh Hyun, the co CEO of Samsung Electronics and the outgoing vice chairman of the board of directors attended the shareholders' meeting. Lee Jae Yong, successor of SamSung group and vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, did not attend the shareholders' meeting. Since his parole in early February this year, Li Zairong has always been extremely low-key

do you know the details of the testing power of the former chief financial officer of Samsung Electronics? Lee sang Hoon was elected chairman of the board of directors, marking the first time that the technology giant has separated the positions of chairman of the board of directors and CEO. In addition to Kim ki Nam, Kim Hyun Suk, head of Samsung's consumer electronics business, and KOH Dong Jin, head of mobile business, also joined the board of directors. Meanwhile, Kwon Oh Hyun, Yoon boo Keun and shin Jong Kyun, former co CEOs, withdrew from the board of directors

Quan Wuxuan said at the general meeting of shareholders: "we plan to separate the roles of chairman and CEO of the board of directors to strengthen management, put the board of directors in the central position and improve the independence of the board of directors." Quan Wuxuan said that through this measure, the board of directors can more objectively evaluate the management performance and enhance the trust among shareholders. He also stressed that the move would also enable the board of directors to become a more effective decision-making body

here are some Q & A sessions of the shareholders' meeting:

investors: how does Samsung react to the rise of Chinese companies in the chip field

kim ki Nam: Chinese enterprises have made a lot of investment in almost all types of Semiconductors (including memory chips), but the technical barriers in this field are much higher than those in other industries. To overcome these difficulties, we need more than large-scale short-term investment. Samsung will make every effort to keep ahead in this field

Investor: has Samsung solved the power failure problem of pingze factory, which is as close as other emerging industries

kim ki Nam: I would like to express my sincere apology for this matter. Two weeks ago, the pingze factory suffered a power outage, resulting in a loss of about 50billion won. Now everything has been repaired, but despite our best efforts, there is still the possibility of another power outage. Nevertheless, we will work hard to prevent power failure accidents in the future

investors: due to the competition from LG OLED TV, Samsung's share in the high-end TV market has declined. What strategies does the company have to deal with this

kim ki Nam: according to the shipment data, Samsung still ranks first in the high-end TV market with a price above 1500 US dollars. We will launch other high-end products, such as 8K TV, to continue to lead the high-end market and eliminate concerns about our market leadership

Investor: why is there a price gap between (Samsung) TV sets sold in the United States and those sold in Korea when the products are the same

kim ki Nam: This is because there are differences in product configurations and retail market conditions, and there are also slight differences in after-sales services. Speaking of this, the company will work closely with the local sales team to assess this situation

investors: Samsung's share in China's smart market has fallen to single digits. What are your countermeasures

koh Dong Jin: I apologize for the decline in China's market share. When our share fell to single digits, we replaced the local head and streamlined three or two sales organizations to speed up decision-making. We need some time to see if these measures work

in addition, the Chinese market is more complex than the Korean market, and Samsung is trying different methods. The latest flagship products Galaxy note 8 and Galaxy S9 have helped us increase our market share in recent months

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