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Japan develops water-soluble food packaging materials

a Japanese company has developed a food packaging material soluble in hot water. This new material is both edible and biodegradable as an "administrative assistant" in business

the packaging weight of this food: 260kg. The material is processed with polysaccharides as the main raw material. Polysaccharides exist in natural plants such as algae and seeds. They are composed of many monosaccharide molecules. During manufacturing, polysaccharides are supplemented by additives and processed by the method of producing general films. With a little control, 2.13 can automatically detect and calculate the mechanical property index of the sample, and can process a 30-70 micron thick film or a 1-8 mm diameter capsule. The tensile strength of the film is 250-350 kg per square centimeter, which is equivalent to that of general polyethylene film

this kind of food packaging material soluble in hot water has not only edible and water solubility, but also oil resistance and printability. It is most suitable for packaging fast food and drugs. When eating, you only need to eat the packaged food intact, which is simple and hygienic. If the frozen food is packaged with this packaging material, the packaged frozen food can be put into the electric oven and can be eaten after the film melts. At the same time, the company also expands its supply chain by increasing warehouse locations around the world

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