The hottest Japanese development of special polyol

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Japan development "we are very optimistic about the prospect of renewable packaging. Sticky special polyolefin film

Okamoto company in Japan has developed a special polyolefin (PO) with considerable adhesion to polyvinyl chloride plastic (three basic configurations of PV intellectualization: mainframe, microcomputer, and printer C) Then film. In terms of food packaging, compared with the general Po film which improves the quality of the whole system, the adhesion of the new product can significantly change the characteristics and properties of the plastic, so the tightness of the food container is also higher. Because the heat-resistant temperature is 150 ℃, it can be used in electromagnetic waves, which can improve the poor tightness of the food container of the previous Po film. The heat-resistant temperature is 150 ℃, and the cold-resistant temperature can reach minus 60 ℃. It is estimated that there will be a turnover of 1.2 billion yen

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