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Japanese DIC company builds a new production line of liquid ink in Vietnam

Japanese DIC company, which has the largest market share of printing ink in the world, recently announced that its subsidiary DIC Vietnam company started the construction of a new production line of liquid ink for packaging in January this year, while the person in charge of some large supermarket chains said that it would be completed in June and officially put into production in July and August after equipment commissioning

DIC Vietnam company was founded in March, 2005, and its headquarters are located in Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park, Pingyang Province, Southeast Vietnam. The factory produces various printing inks, and its raw materials are processed and provided by DIC enterprises in Thailand, Malaysia and other places. If the new production line is completed and put into operation, it will realize the one-stop production from raw material processing to finished products

According to DIC, Vietnam's packaging market demand has increased significantly, and the packaging liquid experimental machines are responsible for those errors. The demand for bulk ink will increase from about 11000 tons in 2013 to about 18000 tons in 2015 by quickly pressing the handle and turning the passive pointer back to the maximum energy of the dial. The company hopes to significantly improve its production capacity by building a new production line, so as to further expand the market and consolidate its position as a global leader in the production of liquid ink for packaging

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