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Japan develops 100% polyester car seat cushion

Asahi Kasei of Japan, together with Zhujiang fabric and daierta mold company, has jointly developed a car with 100% polyester fiber, which can print out the seat cushion for experimental results in real time, and has been adopted by Matsuda sports car for the first time. The cushion adopts three-dimensional textile structure, which is light and easy to recycle. In the spring of 2001, it has been recommended to Japanese domestic automobile manufacturers for use. In the future, it will be gradually promoted to overseas automobile manufacturers as an environment-friendly product. 2. Clutch pedal durability test manufacturers. The newly developed car seat cushion is patented by Asahi Kasei, which not only reduces the weight of the car and increases the effective space, but also is only composed of a single polyester fiber, which is easy to recycle. 6.3 Party A's factory environment: power supply fluctuation range: 380V 10%; Frequency 50Hz 3%; Ambient temperature requirements: 1030 ℃; Humidity: less than 90%, even if burned, it will not produce harmful gases

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