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Japan's Dongcao announced that its 2016 financial report was bearish on the Chinese market

Japan's Dongcao announced that its 2016 financial report was bearish on the Chinese market

May 20, 2016

[China paint information] Dongcao company announced their 2016 financial integration report. Net sales totaled 753.1 billion yen (US $6.3 billion [detailed]), a year-on-year decrease of 6.9%, or 55.9 billion yen, but operating income increased by 35.1%, equivalent to 18 billion yen, to 69.4 billion yen (US $578 million). Daily income increased by 9.3%, equivalent to 5.6 billion yen, to 65.8 billion yen ($547.8 million)

the decline in sales was due to the decline in global crude oil and naphtha prices, which affected the decline in the sales price of the company's petrochemical products in Japan and overseas. Due to the increase of vinyl chloride production capacity, the sales volume of vinyl chloride resin has increased, but the increase can not completely offset the decline of petrochemical products

the increase in operating income is mainly due to the improvement of the trade environment, which is reflected in the lower prices of raw materials and fuel oil and the increase in sales. Although the operating and daily income increased among all the exhibits, the parent company's revenue decreased by 22.3 billion yen to 39.7 billion yen (US $330.2 million), or 36.3%. This situation was caused by the deferred income tax assets brought by the merger of Dongcao and Nippon polyurethane company, which was released in fiscal year 2015

in fiscal year 2016, the Japanese economy recovered in view of the economic and fiscal policies of the Japanese government and the Bank of Japan. After entering 2016, the global economy is under downward pressure, the stock market is weak, and the yen is stable. The lack of confidence in the economic environment and the lack of confidence of consumers have slowed down the pace of Japan's economic recovery

in view of the rise in personal savings and the improvement in the employment rate, the Japanese economy should rebound steadily in fiscal 2017. However, it should be noted that as the Chinese economy begins to have a downward trend and spreads to other Asian raw material suppliers, the trend of the global economy and financial markets will be more difficult to predict

by expanding sales, maintaining the optimal price structure, reducing costs, improving business profitability and so on, Dongcao group is constantly committed to improving the company's profits

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