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Japan has developed metallic color coatings

Sumitomo Osaka Cement Company of Japan has developed two high-function coating products with its original nano particle production technology: a coating kc-200 that can produce highly distinctive metallic colors; The other is the coating S-100, which can form high mold structure and forming conditions and other factors that affect the conductivity. At present, samples of these two new coatings are available. The developed kc-200 coating is a coating liquid used for metal reflector. The company adopts the original nano particle production technology to evenly disperse different kinds of metal particles to create a stable metal coating, which will not produce the second condensation. Kc-200 can not only form a reflective metal film on photos and glass substrates, but also adjust the light transmittance of the metal film by adjusting the thickness of the film. Therefore, the company said that this performance makes it possible for it to be used as a reflective screen for display

s-11100 is a kind of plastic coating with high viscosity and high conductivity to make life more exciting. The new coating is printed on the resin through silk (with a layer thickness of 6 microns), which can produce a highly conductive film

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